Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Congratulations, Brother!

There's nothing like chasing a dream...

The San Francisco Giants now have a new fan.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Say Whaaaa?

So we're going to go ahead and call last week's Bachelorette episode a "wash." I just dropped the ball and didn't record it on my DVR and subsequently cut myself out of the blogging equation. The good news is that I read Lincee's explanation and feel completely in the loop. I have also set the series to record so that we will not have this problem moving forward. Also, my friend sem over at Life Giggles told me to keep my eyes on Ed who might be the sleeper in the competition so I will be on the lookout for that as well. Gooooo love!

So true to form, last night we had a little Hills finale/ MTV Movie Awards "gathering" in our casa, complete with some vino, pizza and cookies. Only the finest. We laughed about how our friends have managed to watched YEARS worth of awards shows together. We have even watched them together when we weren't living in the same city...and that, my friends, is dedication. Every year there is something that just takes our breath away and leaves us shell shocked and this year was no exception. We first thought that we were on to something when Cameron Diaz popped on the screen with her crazy pit stains and we couldn't help but feel relieved to know that stars, in fact, are just like us.

Just in case there was any confusion.

But then the show took the craziest turn that it has in years and provided us with the comic relief that was Eminem and Bruno. Now, I'm not a huge Sasha Baron Cohen advocate (I've still never seen Borat) but I am familiar with his bizarre antics and thought that his presence at at the awards were going to be just the same old, same old from him. Enter a grown man harnessed with wires, suspended over a crowd of celebrities, wearing NO underwear...say whaaaa? He then has a "mishap" and gets jumbled in his wires, forcing him to land into the crowd, specifically in Eminem's lap. What ensued was a lot of cussing, punching and sheer confusion on the part of Eminem and his friends. Everyone just sat stunned, not knowing whether to laugh or cry as to what just took place. In the aftermath, Cutie Zefron was thrown on stage with his award and handed the most uncomfortable follow-up ever. Meanwhile, Eminem stormed out clearly showing that he has no ability to take a joke and we all sat watching from our ivory tower...pure genius!

So I guess the answer is no; no I will not grow out of MTV.

Last night wasn't completely unproductive, I was able to watch the Kings of Leon performance and decide for myself that I actually really like their sound. So I downloaded their album today and have already created a Summer playlist because afterall, I can't live off of Jordin Sparks' "Battlefield" all summer - we're all about productivity here at Kristen & Co.

And while I have you here, I will show you a little project that took up a better part of my weekend. The art of garage sale finds is a fun one and I have been hooked on all of the goodies that are just a $1 away. It's the most guiltless retail therapy that I've ever experienced and I absolutely LOVE it. This weekend I scored a pretty mirror tray that is just perfect for perfume, jewelry or any other odds and ends that might fill up your nighstand for just fifty cents! Speaking of nightstand, I have had two oak bedside tables that have just been waiting to be sanded and refinished. I wanted the "crackled" look, but let's face it, I hadn't the first clue as to how to go about this and people kept throwing out words like "power sander" and "hard labor" which don't really fall into my vernacular so I just benched the idea. Well not this weekend my friends! Alyssa and I got brave, scoured Lowe's for our handy items, and got started. It took me two afternoons to get everything primed, painted, and crackled, but it was well worth it. I am now on the hunt for cute knobs to complete the rustic "look," but for now they will do. I wish I had taken a before picture but unfortunately that just wasn't in the without further adieu, my new tables:

I think I'm going to take up carpentry...