Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fried Food & Fall

Fall is here. It's time to bust out the jeans (along with the deep lunges to actually make them fit!), wrap around your scarf and head out to a street fair. In the past few weeks, we have ventured to several street fairs in an attempt to pledge allegiance to the Texas State Fair that we are missing.

*Sidnote: Alyssa has never actually been to the State fair. Not normal Vest family, not normal.*

Moving on...

If you know anything about me, you know that I love a corndog with the best of them. There is just something about a normally fattening food item being dipped into a deep fryer that makes my heart melt. Unfortunately, corn dogs are a little bit more of a rarity in the Northeast which luckily limits my consumption. Oh AND, don't even get me started on the lack of regular mustard up here. Let's just say that I have been known to carry around small packets of non-spicy mustard in my purse - no shame people, no shame. Here are a few pics of us in all of our glory:

Whoa. We're excited...

Apartment 2D at our finest

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Superbowl

So a joke started between my sister and I several years ago at our church Christmas spectacular. As we filed in with the rest of the Christmas crowd we noticed our music minister sitting onstage beaming with holiday pride. As the show started and the choir sang there was the man in all of his glory. His voice bellowed, his motions were strong and the sweat on his brow all portrayed a man enjoying the finest triumph of his life. As we sat there, we joked that he was truly living "his superbowl." We cracked ourelves up so much that we have since kept the joke going.

Here are a few shining examples:

We put Mom in a Brighton store and there you have it...her superbowl. Give Tiffany a camera and Rookie, you guessed it - superbowl.

As for me, give me a runway and eight models and there you have it, my superbowl. I am here to tell you that I finally lived my dream. When one of the girls in my community group asked if any of us would be interested in attending a fashion show during fashion week, I practically lept at the chance. Not only was this one of my all-time dreams, but I never thought I'd actually get the chance. She informed us that it was a Sunday show featuring an up-and-coming Dallas desinger...say no more, I was sold. Luckily, Stephanie was coming into town and we figured this would be right up her alley, so we dolled up and headed out. It came complete with a red carpet, swag bag and old Project Runway cast-offs! Please enjoy our photo shoot:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No Air Tour

I have put off writing this blog for sometime for fear of admission that summer really is over. Well folks, it seems like the time has come...the 2008 No Air Tour has commenced. We have packed up the white jeans, laid rest to our charge cards, mourned the loss of summer Fridays and returned to regular programming. You see, the genesis of our summer 'tour' came from the idea that Alyssa, Robbie and I would be embarking on several adventures that would take us from city to city (sometimes literally) as we discovered the highs and lows of an NYC summer. Sometimes we'd have a sell-out show in Central Park with hundreds of our fellow New Yorkers, other times it would the three of us boarding the Long Island Rail Road for a day o' fun at Long Beach. Regardless of how our tour was spent, I can guarantee that we were having the best of times.

Tour Stops

The Hamptons (sans Robbie, but it feels like he was there)
Texas - Dallas, Austin, Odessa, Boerne, McKinney
Long Beach
Weehawken, New Jersey - several dates
American Idol Concert
Colbie Caillat/John Mayer Concert - Jones Beach
Counting Crows/Maroon 5 Concert (sans Me)
2008 US Open
Fashion Rocks
Sheep's Meadow

While our dates were numbered, the set lists were packed. We played our best hits and entertained the masses. New groupies entered the mix leaving us no choice but to "give the people what they want." For those of you that participated in our debut, we thank you. To those of you that missed out, we can only hope that we will rock you even harder next year.

Thank you and goodnight!

Hello Summer:

Welcome Friends!

Just a day at the beach

Wedding Crashers

The US Open baby

Our Final Stop

"Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air..." ~ Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

True Friends

They just make everything more fun:

AssylaLeigh (11:59:43 AM): hell, i'd rollerblade in a duck costume for that...

No context needed, just a little vignette from our online discussions.