Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Daze

Here are a few snippets from Summer so far. I will remember this as the Summer that I was on The Great Outdoors kick and the sandwich maker knew my order on cue (toast the white bread, make sure the cookie is soft and a small Dr. Pepper) as well as the season that I vowed to make my "working out" more enjoyable by borrowing a bike cruiser and hitting tennis balls against the backboard.

Or the Summer that Jake the Havapoo couldn't let go of his little orange toy, Dad got his AARP card and Brad planned more fun date nights. It's no surprise as to why we love Summer over here at Kristen & Co. and I hope that you do too. I will try to document more Summer moments and share with you periodically. Until then, happy days to you all!

(And a special happy Father's day to the greatest guy out there - we love you, Dad!)

Sweet Dad, trolley ride, drive-in date night, tennis practice, my boo(ze), peach stand on the way back from Simonton, lunch break, foster pup

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Let's go Mavs!

Oh the things you have to do before you're a Nowitzness...