Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Let Me Explain Myself

I thought that now would be the time for me to explain the title of this blog. Now I know what you're thinking - "so what makes you so good?" And the truth is, nothing. I can only explain myself as what I strive to be. And while I will always have my flaws, I would consider myself to hold rank next to the other legions of good girls. The funny part is, the older I've gotten the less and less of a compliment it has seemed to my counterparts. Instead of being 'good,' they'd rather be 'cool,' or 'the best,' or 'hot,' you get the idea...

I always remember when we were little my Mom would always say with so much excitement, "you're such a good girl!" or "good job!" At the time, it was the highest compliment. Good was the best. Good what something to be proud of. Yet, year after year, I wanted more. I wanted to be the 'cute girl' or the 'fun girl.' It was never enough to be just good. In some instances, it seemed like good was second-rate. It insinuated that I was just nice...and that doesn't go very far. However, the older I get, the more and more I appreciate this compliment. Being good is safe. It keeps me from the pressures of the best, and more importantly, the disappointment of falling short.

As I was getting ready to move to New York a lot of people warned me to not let the city change myself. They'd advise me to step back, take some perspective, but most importantly, to stay good. Change is ok, but only change for the better. Only now do I realize how truly important that is. Sure, I could develop more style...or become more responsible...but never at the sake of remaining good.

I hope this reveals a little bit more about the idea behind blog. I will share funny stories, random quotes, trivial pursuits, and let you know who I am with the hope of revealing that all in all, things are pretty good. Above all, my greatest hope is that I will live in a way so that one day, when the show's over and I'm at the front of the line, that I'll be told that I was good.

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