Wednesday, October 15, 2008

God's Country

Also known as...Texas. For those of you that know me (you all do), you might know that I have not shied away from the fact that I think Texas is the best. Not only do I think it is the most superior state, I also lean towards the idea that it has the most wonderful people. Moving to New York not only solidified my bias, but it has also instilled a deeply-rooted love for Texas that I will never take for granted.

This past week I found myself in a sort of funk. Nothing earth shattering, but the kind of funk that could only be fixed by:

a) family
b) friends
c) queso
d) all of the above

Not only was it TX* v. ou weekend (my favorite sporting event), but it happened to be a weekend where my family AND friends would be conveniently located in the same zip code. This does not happen often, and when it does, I am left incredibly jealous. So imagine my excitement when my parents informed me (on Thursday afternoon no less) that they would not only be going to Dallas, but they would also be attending the Red Rival Rivalry WITH an extra ticket. Plus, the added bonus of seeing my newly engaged best friend AND fried food** from the State Fair were too much for this girl to handle. Can you say...

"Sold to the highest bidder!"

I kid you not, I jumped on the horn, scrambled around and found myself on a 9:35pm flight out of NYC. My nervous system was shot and Lord knows what I had managed to pack, but I was going. I emailed Kever, asked her to pick me up at midnight and the deal was done. I will admit, the fear of losing my job did cross my mind, but there was no turning back. The next morning I woke up, grabbed a cup of coffee, read the paper, and never looked back. I can honestly tell you that a good dose of God's country was all this girl needed. Friends, fun and healthy competition restored me back to health and put me at ease.

Peace, love & Texas.

*Please note, I am a proud A&M graduate and would not consider myself a traitor in any way. However, having been raised a longhorn my whole life has led me to a devotion that I could never give up. Thanks and Gig 'Em

**Also note, the calories were not in vain: 1.5 Fletcher's corn dogs, funnel cake, corn on the cob (2), diet dr. pepper, fried oreos and fried snickers.

How sweet it is...

Salt, Bride & Eggs

Red Rival Rivalry 2008





  1. Hey Kristen! I am so glad you got to visit in Dallas. LOoks like you had a fun filled weekend. I love the picture of you and Ali looking at her ring. Precious! Hope your doing well!

  2. Loves it! Especially the cameo of BEVO! Super cute pic of you and Ali.

  3. Let's talk about the one piece of irony in THIS sentence:

    Also note, the calories were not in vain: 1.5 Fletcher's corn dogs, funnel cake, corn on the cob (2), DIET dr. pepper, fried oreos and fried snickers.

    Your blog is now on my Google Reader page. So you will have the full attention of The Loj. XO