Monday, October 27, 2008

"That happened."

All I can say about this past weekend is, "that happened."

I have been so fortunate to work with girls that I can confide in and laugh with. We have made an art of daily chat sessions that involve funny office stories, guy drama and everything in between. So this past weekend, we had our annual event in San Francisco. All I can say is that it has still left me in a haze. I kid you not, there are dark circles under my eyes, my diet has been nothing short of erratic and my speech has started to slur. What started out as a weekend getaway mixed with some work duties turned into full-fledged slave trade that involved us as the worker bees. In the blink of an eye, Landrie sunk her dreams of the sea lions, Kate put away the idea of Ashbury street and I decided that Full House would have to wait.

We left Friday and headed westbound on Virgin America Flight 15 in a morning fog and never seemed to fully recover. We landed, scarfed down a quick In-N-Out burger, got our weekend itineraries and headed to the hotel. I knew before we left NY that I would be assisting Nate Berkus in all of his adorable glory, Landrie was assisting Suze Orman, and Kate was part of the main stage crew that involved none other than the musical styling of Martin Luther (Jimi Hendrix from Across The Universe). Needless to say, we were warned, prepped, and ready to go. I met with Nate for dress rehearsal on Friday night and we had a fun and casual exchange:

Nate: "Where are you from?"
Me: " you hear an accent?"
Nate: "No, I just knew you had to be from the South [smile & wink]"

...I knew it was going to be a great day.

We planned to meet at 7:45am sharp, put him in hair and makeup before the press line and then get the day started. Sure enough, he was true to form even early in the morning. He asked me, "are you sure you can't see my zit?!" Me, "No, I promise you can't see anything...don't worry anyway, all the ladies will be looking at your McDreamy hair." Yep, that happened. Needless to say, we spent the day trekking from press, to seminar, to book signing, to meet and greet, until the day finally came to a close. When it was all said and done, I put him in a town car, got a kiss on the cheek and waved goodbye. Looking back, it was such a fun experience and one that I'll never forget. That night we were rewarded with cocktails, dinner and a night out. It was a great end to a successful day - new friends, crazy stories, and lots of new material.

Sunday morning Landrie and I decided to take Nate's suggestion and head to his favorite brunch place before everyone else woke up. We munched on famous pancakes, hash browns and coffee - what more could a girl ask for? We then headed to fisherman's wharf in search of sea lions, saltwater taffy and new sunglasses. After ending our trip on a high note, we then headed back East to our world of celebrity-less living and 9 to 5 work days.

IDK my bff Nate

O You! 2008

Night out with the girls

Animal Style

Hey there little buddy

California Dreamers

Our new shades...


  1. BFF Nate! He's totally adorable!

  2. BFF Nate has quite a paw on your waist...are we sure he plays for the other team??

  3. are you serious??????? i mean, i know i keep telling you how great it is back here in Texas, but it looks like your life couldn't get any better!!!!!

    ps... it looks like there is a little something going on between you and mr. nate there...

  4. "Nate: 'No, I just knew you had to be from the South [smile & wink]'

    ...I knew it was going to be a great day."

    Aaaaamazing! I'm so proud to be your friend :)