Thursday, May 7, 2009

Confessions of a Workaholic

Annnnnnnnd I'm back. Here I sit on free WiFi in D-town. Man if feels good to be a gangsta ;)

Who knew that after leaving a job where I sat with countless hours of (boring) internet access that I would feel the need to be so connected? Let's just say that job hunting is nothing short of impossible with a faulty internet connection. So here I am, left to my own devices to find new and creative ways to access the world wide web. I have not graced the halls of a coffeehouse since the days of college, but now here I sit with 30 of my closest friends just typing away. I guess it's true, you don't know what you miss until it's gone.

Over the past few weeks I have tallied up a few "quirks" that I thought I would confess to you. First of all, in a weird state of unemployed confusion, I found myself checking my work email. I mean, what an admission. I have since recognized how weird that is to check my old email for extrememly pointless information, but I just couldn't help myself. It's like I was screaming for a purpose. Doesn't anyone care that I'm gone? Did the office not crash into a million pieces when I left? Luckily the office is just fine without me.

Another weird thing about my time off is that I still set an alarm. Starting with the morning that I got back, I have faithfully set my alarm every morning. Isn't that just weird? I think that part of it is habit, but I also know that my Mom doesn't like for us to sleep very late when we're home so I tried to be sensitive to that as well. Gah, what a people pleaser.

The freshest of all of my "confessions" occured this morning at the end of my interview. Just to fill you in, I have recently been interviewing for non-profit marketing positions for several organizations. Most of them have been informative with a dash of hopelessness ("No job for you.") but today's was the first of the most promising meetings. I walk in, black suit and all, sit down and interview with two women about the available position. Most of the interview went quite well and at the end I felt very good about the direction things were heading. So I stand up, grab my bag, begin the goodbye casualties, when all of the sudden she says, "Oh! I almost forgot...where do you receive your international news from?" Let me just preface this by saying that this question was not completely unrelated, seeing as how the organization deals with international affairs, but c'mon - out.of.nowhere. So there I stood, completely caught off-guard, when I blurt out, " know, USA Today."


The question was in reference to international news and I cite USA Today? Let's not even TALK about the fact that USA Today isn't the most credible of news sources and go back to the fact that it's a national paper. In my defense, there ARE international news articles in USA Today, but really? What a weird way to end an interview. Needless to say, my confidence is shot on that one and I feel like I need to head back to the drawing board. If that isn't an embarrassing confession, then I don't know what is.

Will work 4 food?


  1. haha! i love this one. USA least it wasn't US (i mean, lets be honest)

    jsut for future...i would make yourself familar with the BBC.

    love it.

  2. k. i would've said the exact same thing. shame on them for dropping a bomb like that at the last second.