Friday, May 8, 2009


Mmmm, this iced tea is good.

Week 1 in Dallas down, everything feels good. It is finally sunny outside. It has been so humid the past week that I have seriously contemplated shaving my head in misery over the frizziness. Luckily today came or else I’d look like a pugdy version of Demi Moore in G.I. Jane…believe me, no one wants to see that.

I have no real concise topic here, just things that have popped up in my head recently that seemed necessary of writing down. The first of those things is The Bachelorette*. I, for one, am thrilled with Jillian. Past seasons of The Bachelorette contenders have proven to be more stimulating than that of The Bachelor so I am excited. It’s always fun to see who your friends would pick and to see who you could just do without. This brings to light a really funny conversation my friend Bailey had with her boyfriend. After watching a previous week of American Idol, her boyfriend said that he liked Kris Allen but hated that he sang out of the side of his mouth. Interestingly, that was the VERY thing that Bailey and her friends thought was so endearing about him the night before.

“Oh how cute…his mouth drags!”

Bailey and I were laughing about the double-standard we have with flaws and seemingly ficticious people. Technically celebrities are real, however, their standards are not. If we accepted only half of the things that we consider cute on “normal” guys, we would find ourselves overwhelmingly accepting. For instance, I do not have a personal interest in tattoos on guys in person, but happen to think that it ups Brody Jenner’s value ten-fold. To each his own, I guess.

Moving on.

So for the past few weeks I have gotten increasingly excited about how to reward myself once I get a job. (Let’s forget for one second that I still have a lurking credit card balance that needs to be paid off.) There is a watch that I have been eyeing for months which seems like the natural choice. But lately I have started to think of something that might have more worth. Sure a watch would look pretty but what, I ask you, could be more rewarding that all three seasons of Friday Night Lights? I know it seems like a silly purchase, but the measure of my happiness would really not be matched which leads me to believe that I have made my decision. I know what you’re thinking, solving life’s dilemma’s one dvd at a time.

Alright friends, that’s enough randomness for me! Enjoy your weekend and stay safe.

*Should I or should I not do a recap for this? I’m still undecided.


  1. Yes, sals. Keep the recaps comin'

  2. hmmm let's wait and see how interesting Jillian is...made just a commentary.