Friday, August 28, 2009

Interior (day)Dreaming

During my most recent trip home I sat down with my Mom’s September issue of House Beautiful. Customarily, September issues shelve the largest stock of fashion content, advertising, and editorial coverage (hence the major fashion books being so large during the month) but being a shelter magazine, I didn’t expect much from House Beautiful (who I know is in the midst of an editorial re-design) and was more than pleasantly surprised to find several pages worth of inspiring interior ideas. Here are a few of my favorites of L.A. designer, Windsor Smith’s home. It is hard to choose a favorite from her bold and feminine style, but I particularly like her navy dining area with plush white chairs. Also, her pink sitting room brings out the inner-girl in me and makes me nostalgic for the pink walls of my own childhood.

To those of you that hold the void of Domino’s absence, I highly suggest this magazine to you. I resisted the urge to steal this month from my Mom’s arsenal and invested in one of my own. I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed in HB’s updated look. Enjoy!

all images via House Beautiful


  1. ah i'm in love! you have great taste! i sure hope i have money some day :/ in the mean time maybe i'll get a subscription to this mag!

  2. I totally drooled on mom's magazine looking at those white chairs! Although with the Rook man around I'm not sure how long they would stay so "crisp". Love, love!