Monday, August 31, 2009


Let’s just go ahead and establish the obvious, I’m weird.

I have stated several times that I’m the middle child and with that, comes a few automatic idiosyncrasies. Sometimes I will be mid-routine and know that if anyone were watching what I was doing at that given moment, they would surely think I was a little “off.” With that said, here is a not-so-comprehensive list of oddball habits that I have picked up over the years. Who knows, maybe a few of you do the very same things; if nothing else, it will hopefully make you feel pretty normal.
  • I love for milk to be over ice.
  • I sleep without pillows.
  • I like honey or syrup on potato chips. (This is a real confession. I swear I rarely do my apartment...alone...when no one's watching...)
  • After I straighten my hair, I twist it and put it in a bun until I am ready to walk out the door.
  • I prefer for things to be in odd numbers, specifically alarms, balances in my bank account, clocks, etc.
  • I always look at the sequence of letters on a license plate to see if they correspond with people’s initials. (And no, my name is not Rain Man. Please don’t even get me started on the new plates with their now 4-character format and gaudy look.)
  • I love watches but prefer the face to be on the inside of my arm.
  • I like to read magazines from back-to-front. (Btw, this is not as uncommon as you’d think.)
  • And lastly, when I have several things on a plate I prefer to eat each in their entirety, rather than mixing bites throughout the meal.
Of course this isn’t every bizarre “tick” that I have but we can all agree that a few go a long way, right? Right.


  1. I don't think any of these are weird. :)

  2. nice =) do you still wrap your wet hair in a old t-shirt after the shower?
    i always liked that one-i thought, if only i had cool tricks like that!

  3. "I sleep without pillows" should read more like, I sleep like an animal and face-plant into the mattress.