Thursday, October 29, 2009

Finishing My Sentence


...I am over-caffeinated.

...I am certain, yet conflicted.

...I am listening to "Sympathize" by Amos Lee on repeat.

...I am carefully plotting my home improvement project.

...I wish that I could put on stretchy pants and finish watching Pride & Prejudice that I started last night.

...I feel like a waiter in my white button-up/black skirt outfit. (Ugh, goofy)

...I am making my Christmas list. (Am I too old for this?)

...I am lovin’ on the book of Luke.

...I wish that I could have lunch with my Mom and Nana instead of the lame-o Lean Cuisine/loner lunch date I have planned.

...I told someone that “40 was the new 30” to make them feel better. (It’s not...)

...I wish it was Friday.

Just because I like it...

{image via home sweet home}


  1. Ha, I totally almost wore a white button-up/black skirt outfit on Tuesday. Then I was 25 minutes late to the office because I ditched it at the last second for fear of the Waitress-syndrome... Sigh.

    Also, I wish I was in stretchy pants too. Only, I wish it was at 2D with a bag of DC m&m's and some goofy teeny bopper movie.


  2. i can totally see you telling someone that 40 is the new 30!!!!!! hahahaha- that made me laugh.

    have a fun weekend :)