Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Muddy Trails to You

This Saturday I had the pleasure of trekking out to the 36th annual Cattle Baron’s Ball with my friends Bailey, Nathan and Mike. We were greeted on Saturday morning with the kind of weather that you always dream about but rarely see - sunny skies, crisp breeze, birds chirping, families smiling, etc. With complimentary tickets from Bailey’s office, we set out in our Southern attire for what proved to be a night of country music, bull riding and read meat.

As we arrived in the evening drizzle we noted a friendly CBB wait staff that was primped and primed for valet service, readily available beverages on a moment’s notice and ever-helpful in our attempt to eat as much as humanly possible...ohh this was going to be a good night. What started out as an evening full of cowboy festivities ended up nothing other than a hilarious, rainy mess. The four of us danced, ate (and ate, and ate) to our delight while simultaneously the bottom fell out, leaving us to sit back and marvel at the glorious combination of boots, mud and inebriation. We finally made it to the pavement after a 45-minute trek through the mud, only to receive word that the valet service was not going to attempt driving cars without 4-wheel drive. Lucky for us, Nate set out on a mission to find his truck and recover it from the muddy lake that it was now sitting in. After multiple attempts (and some help from our good friend Mike) he was out of the pasture and on to the road. Unfortunately for Mike, he then had to sit in his mud-infested state for the rest of the drive back to Dallas. One selfless maneuver, let me tell you (see below).

It was truly one of the most fun nights that I have had in a long time and we made a pact to try and make it a tradition for the four of us to put on our duds, play cowboy/cowgirl for an evening, and get a few laughs out of our system. Here’s to next year, yee haw!

Note: the woman behind us...
Tiny boot koozies!
Julianne Hough!
Our towing service...


  1. Oh how I have been waiting for these to go up!!!

    Love the tiny boot koozies with all of my heart! The thought of you kickin' up your heels with each drink is amazing.

    You girls look precious! Y'all are rockin' the boots and skirts thing.

    And finally...after our laugh fest with you reliving the mud-slinging incident I had imagined the effects, but the photos really do bring it all home.

    Looks like so much fun!

  2. "We set out in our Southern attire for what proved to be a night of country music, bull riding and read meat." ... l.o.v.e. it!!