Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pilgrims & Indians

I've always loved the "Hey, it's OK!" feature in Glamour magazine. It seems like some of the pardons in each issue are universally relevant to all women. I have decided today to do a tribute to a few of my personal "Hey, it's OK!" Thanksgiving moments.

Hey, It's OK!

...to have a plate full of tan, cream, and brown items.
...to eat ham in lieu of turkey.
...to calculate your T-giving seat at the family table.
...to sleep during the Cowboys game, but wake up for the Aggies.
...to prefer an elastic waistband.
...to still criticize the Macy's Thanksgiving Day performers.
...to eat off of paper plates in an effort to save post-meal clean up time.
...to still let your Nana scratch your back. :)
...to let your friends and family know that there's no one else that you'd rather be thankful for.
...to wake up with the crazies on Black Friday.
...to get a little competitive during the family bowling game.
...to enjoy Thanksgiving in all its abundance, but still get a little hyped that it puts you one step closer to Christmas.

I hope that your Thanksgiving is full of love, laughter, football, food babies and much, much, more. I will soak up my time with my family and reflect on a year that have given me so much to be thankful for - God is so good!

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  1. Ha! I love that "food baby" made the blog. Cute post! See you tomorrow salsa-leeza Rice.