Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mambo this.

You know those times in your life when you sit still, look around you and realize that you are perfectly happy? Those rarely happen, and not because I do not feel the joy, but rarely do I take the time to just sit back and enjoy it.

This week I dodged the Jesse Spano freak-out bullet and turned 25. Something about the way that rolls of the just hits me. I know that most of you will think to yourself, "good Lord, what a baby. Just wait til you're 30...40...50," and the truth is, age doesn't scare me. I'm all about the "only young as you feel" mantra, it's more of just the symbolism. I look back at this quarter century of my life and think of the usual "life" question - am I happy with who I've become? If I were my younger self, looking at my life today, would I be proud? I know, I's a heaping question, one that I'm certainly not ready to face, however, the abundant love I have felt over the past few days proves that something is going right for me. For whatever reason, God allowed the most amazing family and friends to be a part of my story and I just couldn't be happier. So this past Tuesday my sweet friends braved the rainy and freezing temperatures to get together and celebrate. As we talked, drank and laughed, I sat there and realized that this is what it's all about. What joy to be surrounded by some of the most wonderful and funny people lucky am I?

I was fortunate enough to have a few celebratory meals, so I thought I would share some pictures from the festivities. To all of you that made me feel so special, thank you. What a year its been. I'm marching right into twenty-five with the kind of hope that only a new year can bring, and to that I say - let's do this.

First up, brunch with the fam* at Abel's on the lake:

Second, a Monday (mall food court) lunch date with my Tinies. (and an early bday gift!)

Birthday Dinner at Mi Cocina with some of my favorite people*!

(2 Mambo Taxi's Oprah you tube...and some cool h'whip - Heaven help us.)

Sweet Robbie
*so bummed that there was no group pic!

Also note, Owen Wilson managed to sneak into the restaurant mid-meal...and in true entitled birthday girl / over-confident fashion, I asked for a photo, only to get de-nied! I don't remember the specifics, but I believe that I said something to the effect of, "I will never watch Wedding Crashers again." - there's nothing like a scorned bday girl!


  1. Happy Birthday to our very own Tami Taylor!!

    And don't worry - Sid had your back when she made him say something about a "birthday hoopa"...

  2. shut up that owen wilson wouldn't give you a freaking picture!!! your celeb stories are always the best :):):) looks like you had a GREAT day, which i am so happy- you deserved it, sister!!