Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby Love

Last week I got the chance to take a quick lunch break and meet with my dearest Ali, her sister Amanda, and baby Luke. Amanda keeps the most entertaining blog of the life of Luke and I can't help but d-i-e over stories of him learning to crawl, falling asleep vertically in his crib, and taking formal portraits in the most precious of Newsie caps. He is without a doubt one of the happiest babies I have ever seen and has the most beautiful blue eyes to boot. We ate our salads and gabbed on the latest and greatest in our lives, while he listened intently and moistened some Cheerios. I was sad to rush back to work but had the best time "lunching" with my buddies.

Check out the baby overalls* - adorable.

*One of the many examples of things that babies can pull off that adults can't. Also included: Crocs, bonnets, bloomers, graphic tees, denim shorts (this has exceptions), onesies, bibs, etc.


  1. I absolutely LOVE your *additional information! ha. Babies are absolutely the only "people" that can pull off Crocs and Overalls. The rest of it I'm going to give a big "obviously".

    He is a MUFFIN!

  2. BABY JORTS!!!!
    we made preeti register mindian for baby overalls very similar to luke's. he is so cute!