Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lake Days - pt. 2

This past weekend at Ali's lake cabin was a complete success. If I can measure my level of enjoyment on the soreness of my muscles, then it was the best ever. I just can't say it enough, lounging around a lake with the sun beaming overhead always happens to sum up the better part of Texas. When I think of fond memories from my childhood (or adulthood, for that matter), I directly correlate them with a Summer day on the water. Here are a few pics of the "cabin" - when what I really wish I would have captured is the outdoor shower that someone took advantage of. That, and pictures of people...and by people, I mean cute Hank (the Labradoodle).


Other notables:

I'm dying a little inside to make these. I had my first-ever toasted marshmallow shake at Stand during my NYC trip and have been dreaming about it since.

Great Summery tune in the husband and wife duo from Denver, Tennis. Download "Marathon" and bop around.

Also, this couldn't be more genius.

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  1. Love all of this...especially that google link...pure genius. It made my day! And marshmellow shakes...yes please!! And thank you.