Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weekend Fun

Dallas has been serving up some wonderful weekends lately. The Nasher Sculpture Center in the downtown Dallas arts district has Summer movie nights every Friday during the warm season. It has been hotter than hot here, but with a glass of wine and a late evening start time, we were able to beat heat. Entry into the center allows you to browse their collection, listen to live music, grab a drink and settle on the lawn. They just so happened to schedule one of my all-time favorite musicals (Dreamgirls) for last weekend's viewing, so I had to get in on the action. It proved to be one of my favorite Dallas nights ever! Let it be said that I fully intend on returning the favor to Brad in the form of an activity of his choice, even though I think he had a great time, too. However, I am also biased, I hold onto the notion that J-Hud is good for all ages (and genders)...

I spent the earlier part of Saturday morning with my co-worker on a mission to find Dallas' best garage sales. We drove around the Lakewood area as if there were no traffic laws. I actually ran through a stop sign at one point because I was so focused on getting deals. It was all worth it in the end because we happened to fall on vintage glory. I, of course, was not even looking for anything specific and managed to spend some money (only $22.25) on a few steals. However, Leah was the true winner for the day. I didn't snap any pictures, but she walked away with a perfect rug and versatile dresser that she has already re-finished and put in her new apartment. This was her first experience with garage sale joy and it made me so happy to share it with her. Now, if only I could find a place to wear my sequined belt...

my vintage carry-on! (I'm thrilled with this purchase!)

I didn't get these, but Mom - how cute would these be in the baby closet? Sparkly Converse!

Last but not least - a Monday funday! It has been awhile since I've really reveled in a good early week funday. Brad and I used to hold strict rules for our fun Monday plans, but things started getting busy and we couldn't keep it standing any longer. This week we planned to go to the Rangers game together, when our friends, Lu and Mitchell, walked in. Laura and I freaked out, thinking it was some huge coincidence until the guys told us they had it planned the whole time. I love a good secret (maybe because I'm so bad at keeping them when I'm the holder...) so it was fun for me. A perfect example of how sometimes it's just in the small things. Rangers win, hot dog dinner, and good company - great night all around.


  1. Darling pictures! Looks like you've had so much fun! And yes, those converse need to be in the baby closet! Cute as can be!

  2. Krog = my Garage Sale mentor.

  3. oh mom and i had so many "this would be cute in the baby closet" moments in seattle. however, she refuses to start the baby closet until someone is actually preggers. not naming any names...