Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Today's "to do" list:
- clean my pig pen room/bathroom
- buy hand sanitizer and possibly Lysol for my office (due to heightened levels of h1n1 paranoia)
- choose a hairstyle for today's haircut
- paint my nails
- go to bed before 10:30 (did this last night and it was pure greatness)
- update my blog (successful!) with a non-boring blog (unsuccessful)
- watch Glee from last week
- mail my Dad his bday card (already late...fail.)
- be thankful...


  1. Dude,

    1. If you go at lunch and get a card and mail it it will get here by Thursday.
    2. I'll send you some haircute options.
    3. Glee: I downloaded the episoded from iTunes to my iPod for Saturday's walk...it was amazing. I was practically dancing while I was walking.
    4. I'm thankful for you! (And the free Diet Cokes at work...mayjah perk)

    Love, love.

  2. Just brace yourself for some "Single Ladies" awesomeness...

  3. I'm glad you're thankful~