Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Visitor

I had a 6'5' visitor in my apt this weekend that came complete with a large duffle, Chevy truck, and guitar. We started things off right with a few friends and a little Mexican food, which subsequently began our binge-fest for the rest of the weekend. We came home and watched stand-up comedy for the rest of the night, only to wake up on Saturday morning with a hankering for homemade breakfast tacos. One grocery store run and several cups of coffee later, we had a fine spread of tasty bacon breakfast tacos. Behold, our work:

Bet you can't guess which is mine ;)

Chef Boy R T

After breakfast, we turned our heaviness into productivity and went on a fierce walk along the Katy Trail. Six miles later I managed to trick him into a quick run through TJ Maxx Homegoods. My intention was to document our weekend together, however, I felt so rushed between the crowded aisles, racks of clothes, screaming children and brotherly death stares that I felt like a photo op was pushing it. Luckily all was settled over a quick plate of bbq, followed by the Texas pre-game and kickoff. In a moment of sheer habit, I popped in brownie only to notice (while sitting in the throws of three guys all over the height of 6’2) that a spread for a female activity not only contains a baked good, but demands it. The good news is that all was not lost in my Holly Housewife attempts as the boys popped the brownies in with little regard as to where those calories might actually settle...ahh, the joys of manhood.

I wish I could say that I was a better sport for Sunday’s game (no pun intended) but rather left the Brother to his own devices as I opted for the Emmy’ guys didn’t think I was that great of a sister, did you? I doubt that my visitor will miss his feet hanging halfway off the bed, but I hope that he’ll return for a pot of hot coffee and home d├ęcor pit stop :)

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  1. Sounds fun! And why is it that boys can eat anything they want?