Thursday, January 7, 2010

Little Squirts

Here we are on "vacation" riding the trolley in Zilker Park. By the looks of things (check out Mom and Nana in the background - sweet hair, gals!) the timing of this picture can most accurately be dated back to the early 90s. Little Taylor looks about 3 or 4 and the random man that is almost out of the frame is wearing a pair of shorts that would make George Michael completely jealous.

My family would go to Austin every Summer for a long weekend getaway to one of our favorite Texas destinations. I have sweet memories of going to the University co-op and buying the newest and best little Texas gear (read: tiny wind shorts with UT on the tail) and taking hundreds of pictures of us giving the "Hook 'Em" sign. It wasn't until my early teens when my family moved to the Austin area that I realized what a love I have for all things Austin...including the Horns. Game day has practically been a holiday in our household and quite frankly, there is no other team that I'd love to cheer for than the favored team of my childhood. Well, except the Aggies, of course :)

Hook 'Em Horns!


  1. I'm so sad that the entire internet can't see that I'm wearing sliding shorts and WHITE windshorts with the word TEXAS in burnt orange across the rear.

    Oh childhood.

    Mom was in charge of our outfit selections...she knew better.

  2. Nana looks like a little sass-pot. LOVE it!!