Friday, June 11, 2010

Goin' Country

I'm headed East this weekend - East Texas, that is! The Bible study girls and I will be heading to the country (c/o of sweet Kate) in an attempt to get some together time before the Summer craziness really takes over (hasn't it already?). It's not every weekend you get the pleasure of hanging out with a fun group of easy-going gals just looking for a good time. So in an attempt to channel my inner-Texas, I have blasted the country tunes all day in anticipation of what I predict to be a really memorable weekend.

I can't wait to eat what I assume to be large amounts of baked goods and really catch up on the lives of some of my dearest. There is a lot going on for everyone, so it's nice to just take some time and laugh a little. Seeing as how it is 4PM and I have yet to pack* for this little venture, I better get moving...

hope you have a wonderful weekend!

*In an earlier conversation with Miss Bailey I was informed that she managed to pack her essentials - cowgirl boots and denim shorts. Looks like someone took the country theme a little too literally. Love that girl...

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