Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"I want to ride my bicycle"

I've been wanting a soft yellow beach cruiser for awhile now. 'Why,' you ask? Well, because I live in one of of the easiest public transport cities in America!

Ok - no I don't.

BUT, I happen to think they're super cute. And while I don't live in a "bike friendly" city, I do live within biking distance of a wonderful Whole Foods, Anthropologie, and frozen yogurt shop that would be just perfect for biking excursions.

Republic lets you design your very own bike with custom seats and handles. I just love them!

Here are a few of my creations*:
*Please note - baby pink tires! (I actually think they're white/cream in person)


  1. I absolutely hate riding bikes, but I might like it more if I were riding that turquise bike with the orange seat....TDF! (To die for...)

  2. i love the middle one. that is close to my dream bike. i am obsessed with the leather brooks seats. :)

    i had to pacify my desire for a fancy new set of wheels with a pretty new brass bell for my little schwinn.

    get a bike!

  3. And I just thought I knew what I wanted for Christmas...awesome find! Just add basket :)

  4. super cute! you know how on your wedding day the bride and groom are supposed to exchange uber nice gifts - like a watch or manolos, etc. all i wanted was a vintage bicycle. i didn't get it BUT i have hope that i will soon. i really LOVE these!!!!! hahaha