Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Meet Megan

Megan is my friend and roommate. She is the kind of person you just want (read: have) to have around. There is always a person that keeps things light, gives selflessly, and really just lives life around them - that person is Megan. While I have been lucky to call her friend throughout my teens and early 20s, I am now even luckier to share a living space. You can always count on Meg to throw a dinner party at the drop of a hat and/or open a carton of Blue Bell and share it with you on the couch.

(What? We live casually and that's how we like it.)

Sure, doors get left unlocked on occasion and our place isn't the tidiest of sorts on any given day, but it's full of love. One day I'll forget about the mornings that I've let myself be late to work and remember that it was then that we had our best chats. Megan gives perspective to the small things in life and encourages when she needs to on the important things. While I'm not sure that she has a life motto, she definitely radiates joy. She finds it, creates it, and passes it on.

I know I'm thankful that she does...

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