Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ben v. Noel

Special thanks to my dear co-worker, Leah Vee, for pointing me in the direction of this design gem. Not only is Keri Russell one of my all-time favorite girl crushes, but she happens to have amazing taste. Keri, alongside her carpenter husband and muffin son, took their 1800's Brooklyn brownstone from old to amazing.

My personal favorite elements are the neutral tones mixed with rustic elegance. From the tufted ottoman to the wooden kitchen, Felicity has done it again. It seems as though I only thought I had grown out of my adoration. But don't worry y'all, I'm not going to go all 2nd season and scalp my hair.

And for old time's sake -

1 comment:

  1. 1. Noel (I could never get over Ben's smarmy voice. And I LOVE Scott Foley now on Grey's Anatomy)
    B. I DIE over this house
    3. PLEASE crop your hair. You would be so cute.