Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Bachelor Recap

So here we go. Week two of the Bachelor recap and the girls are giving us tons of good material so I’m going to jump right in.

Two words: group date. I suspect that there’s nothing more awkward than getting ready with 8 other girls to go on a date with the same guy. Call me old-fashioned, but there’s just something wrong with that. I can only imagine the amount of silent staring, appearance judging and outfit changing that went on…ugh, women. So this week’s group date included Melissa, Jillian, Shannon, Megan, Kari, Nikki, Erica and Naomi. The girls and Jason went to a loft where they proceeded to make casts of their busts to auction off for breast cancer awareness. While for a good cause, I couldn’t help but think that this had “disaster” written all over it. What’s not to love about communal groping on a second date? Meep.

Stephanie and Natalie were chosen for one-on-one dates this week. Stephanie was taken to the beach where she was then surprised with her daughter, Sophia. Jason was touched by the sweet moment of Stephanie and Sophia tackling each other on the beach. While a special moment, I really think that they should give Sophia a cat scan for neck injuries. Anyway, they headed over to Legoland for a day o’ fun together, theme park-style. Sophia donned her Easter dress for the event (?) and seemed to have the time of her life. Jason was perfectly tender and we kind of liked it.

The next one-on-one date came for Natalie. Aside from the fact that Jason is attracted to Natalie, he needed more common ground. After donning her with million dollar jewels and taking her on a helicopter tour of Vegas, he felt that the pieces were in place for romance. Oh how wrong he was. Fun-loving Natalie was just missing something. In an effort to make a connection and ask Natalie what she loves, she proceeded to deliver the greatest line (maybe ever?) from a Bachelor contestant:

Natalie - “I love bears.”
Jason – [confused look] “like…koala bears? Grizzly bears?”
Natalie – “Nope, all kinds of bears.”

You just can’t make this stuff up. Either way, here is the low down.

Stephanie – I really don’t think that Stephanie could have imagined a better date. She was surprised by her daughter and got to show Jason a side of herself that was actually normal, at times they even looked like a real family. Jason thought so too, Stephanie came out with a rose.

Natalie – Well I think it’s safe to say that Natalie outdid herself with this one. Being late for her date was only the beginning to this vanity-ridden night out. The date just fit her. It was clear to Jason that her ability to look “serious” was just not cutting it. Maybe it was her love of bears or just her overblown ego that did it, but Jason wasn’t interested. Status: No rose for Natalie.

Megan – I think that Megan is just trouble. I’m sorry, but someone who has conflict with everyone just rubs me the wrong way. While on the group date, Megan commented that she would “get naked in the middle of the street if it were for a good cause.” Figures. Status: rose.

Shannon – Shannon threw up during the rose ceremony and managed to cry twice in this episode alone. Enough said. Status: rose.

Melissa – Melissa didn’t get much airtime this week which clearly means that she goes all the way. Predictability abc, predictability. Status: rose.

Jillian – Again, Jillian wins our stylish vote. Jillian is fun-loving and a nice breath of fresh air. Canadian pronunciation aside, we like her. Status: rose.

Nikki – I have no idea what happened to Nikki before OR after her botched kiss. I rewound it 4 times and continually got more awkward. Status: rose.

Lauren – Lauren was dateless this week and put in a weird position by Jason. On Natalie’s way out, she managed to let Jason know that there were a few ladies in the house that meant trouble. Jason goes on to fish it out of Lauren and then uses it against her. She’s a little too spacey to have known better but we think she’s going to crumble. Status: rose.

Kari – We think that this is an error on Jason’s part. While she wasn’t going to win it all, we still think that she’s strides above the others. Kari was low-key but seemingly classy, which we all know is a deal breaker in the world of reality TV. Status: no rose.

Naomi – Not much to say here. She talked about her past relationship which usually equals the kiss of death. Status: rose.

Erica – Ew, ew and ew. Status: no rose.

Molly – She plays the adorable card well and he likes it. Her personality is starting to confuse me, vampy to cutesy then back to vampy then over to cutesy. Consistency Molly, please. Status: rose.

Okay, so that about wraps it up for this week. With Megan still in the picture we can only presume that this might start looking a little bit like Jerry Springer, but hopefully he’ll wise up and ditch her. The previews for next week indicate that Jason just can’t bear to hand out the final rose and it has left us puzzled, so stay tuned and we’ll see you next week!

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  1. The rose made of Legos was one of the highlights of this episode for me.

    I think Nikki borrowed her keyhole dress from Serena van der Woodsen... she secured her rose with cleavage.

    Also- the sleepover next week?! I can't wait.