Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Brooklyn Diaries

The girls and I decided to spend a day in Brooklyn this Saturday in an effort to beat the stir-crazy blues. With dwindling funds and a full blown recession, we have decided that we are going to have to get a little creative this Winter. Brooklyn is known to most Manhattanites as the spacious scene for "hipsters" and artists alike. Unless you have a specific reason to be there, it's not the most convenient place to spend your Saturday afternoon. However, it is home to several cute boutiques, restaurants and vintage shops so we thought it'd be a good way to pass the time. Kate and I have been meaning to get down there but it seems like we've always found an excuse not to make the trip.

Not this weekend, my friends. Not this weekend.

Riley, Kate, Alyssa and I set out early in the morning with brunch and Brooklyn on our minds. Several of our friends had given us recommendations but there was only one place that had been given solid approval. Simply called "Egg," this eatery was a no frills restaurant with a small menu. Most of our favorite restaurants in the City require a staunch waiting time so we just expected the worst. Not so! We walked up, put our name on the list and were seated 5 minutes later. In need of a caffeine boost, we ordered a round of coffee that came complete with individual french press dispensers. If that doesn't scream "downtown," I don't know what does. Unfortunately, Alyssa was a little too hasty with her cup of Joe and ended up with a cup o' grounds. She asked for another cup and got a little bit luckier on the second round, although I must confess, I noticed her spitting grounds into her napkin all morning...

Anyway, it was just a great treat - good conversation, a biscuit and hash brown that could make doves cry, and a warm place to dwell. We ate without disturbance and then headed out for a little bit of shopping. Our main objective was just to "look." If you know a thing about me, this is nearly impossible. (More on this later. It's a condition, I swear.) I wish I could tell you that I achieved greatness in Brooklyn, but unfortunately, I did not. As we went from shop to shop we stumbled into this warehouse that had young designers of all kinds, a T-shirt artist, jewelry maker and a makeshift book shop. As we walked around I noticed that this guy was selling really well-kept books for a great deal. Several of the books that I have been wanting were in his pile; not to mention, his 3 for $12 deal had me at hello. I can always justify a sale.

We moved from there over to a vintage store that had perfectly worn in tees for reasonable prices. We scoured the floor for the perfect D.A.R.E. shirt and happened upon several great finds. In fact, I am now the proud owner of a baby soft "Country Time" shirt that has a questionable past and unremovable stain. I love it despite this and pray that the original owner was not a dirty New Yorker, but a clean housewife that had a penchant for Tide. Something tells me that it's wishful thinking but I am going to roll with it.

Vintage aside, Brooklyn was a breath of fresh air to four people who have spent a considerable amount of time indoors the past few weeks. If nothing else, we now know that we're an L train away from a warm breakfast and cup full of coffee grounds.


  1. If you had just thrown in a tranny, you could have called this Real World: Brooklyn.

  2. I miss you guys, but feel like I was there in some strange way...