Monday, March 9, 2009

No rest for the weary

I feel like I'm hungover. The problem with this statement is that I am most certainly NOT hungover. I am, however, dog tired from trying to watch the entire first season of Friday Night Lights. It has been no secret that this Winter season has absolutely killed us. I would like to say that we've been in a permanent hibernation for the past 2 months, due to the fact that the windy chill has left us with no will to socialize.

But not this weekend.

God graced us with 70-degree weather and I could not have been happier. You would think that I would have been so overjoyed that I would have taken residence in Central Park, walked without abandon, felt the wind blow through my hair and just let myself be. But no. I had a hankering for Friday Night Lights that only an endless marathon could cure. I will say, Kate and I forced ourselves to go outside for a decent amount of time this weekend so it's not entirely pathetic, but every other hour/minute/second of the day was filled with FNL viewing. Sad...I know. In fact, at one point on Saturday night such a shameful amount of time was devoted to watching the show that I thought we were starting to look like a sad and depressed version of Laverne and Shirley. You know, the lost episode.

In what was a pure move of foreshadowing, we had recorded the most recent episodes with the hope of watching them after we had completed the first two seasons. Alyssa has been telling me for months that I could watch the past seasons on Netflix but it really came down to a matter of commitment. The 22-episode beast that was the first season has held me back, I mean really...who has time for that?! And then everyone at work started buzzing about Tim Riggins around the water cooler, excitedly printing pictures of his body on the color copier, endlessly checking his bio on IMDB and there I was...left out. Of all people in this office to not watch FNL, it was me. How could that be? My other Southern friend at work could proudly contribute to the conversation and yet I had nothing. So really, this was work-related. That's right, I am advancing my career. My Daddy would be so proud. :)

Admittedly, I recognized a few faces and held a few premature judgements going into the pilot. First of all, every women in my office kept swooning over this Riggins character that I just frankly didn't agree with. Sure he was good looking but not really my type. I am MUCH more of a Coach Taylor girl. I don't know what this makes me...a younger girl that finds an older member of the opposite sex highly attractive. A gold digger? But he's not rich. A Cougette? He's older, so I don't know...stumped. First of all, he is so good looking. But after watching the show you can't help but love his other qualities: he's funny, he can act like he's Southern, he's a loving Dad and husband - swoon. But really, I'm equal opportunity...I saw the merit of a guy like Riggins and, I too, hopped on board. Something about his long greasy hair and underage drinking just makes my heart melt...just an old-fashioned romantic at heart. I tell you all of this with a large amount of confidence in the fact that I am not usually like this. I do not talk about tv/movie characters as if they are real and I most certainly do not disrupt my usually fun life with a false reality, but this time I had to make an exception. A day's worth of television exception. If you watch this show, you understand. Does it play to an unusually small demographic of Central Texas residents? Sure. But that's the beauty of it. It should go without saying that I was beyond giddy to see that they played my high school team in one episode...

I feel like I've finally made it.

For your viewing pleasure: Coach Taylor


  1. Hi Lance.
    It'ssss Landry.

    To be honest, I feel real good about our weekend decisions. (And without any cupcakes present. How strong are we?)

  2. k. this has got to be one of the best moves you've ever made. honestly, i get SHAKEY when i talk about fnl- it is THAT. GOOD. COMPLETELY agree with the coach taylor thing- i personally think it's his eyes. they are so very telling of what's going on. so where are you? finished with BOTH seasons? are you fully caught up? i have cried at every episode this go round and i think about it a least a couple times a day. thank THE LORD that o magazine supports this show. why would i ever question that? here's a final little treat i will leave you with: