Monday, March 2, 2009


The snow just isn't cute anymore. Instead of listening to a good dose of complaining, I have decided to overhaul the idea of Winter and gear up for Spring. If I really had it my way I'd skip over Spring too and head straight into the land of Summer. Hot, sweaty, tan, Summer...oh how I love thee. But there is a fair amount of Spring that I enjoy, so I'll stick with it.

Hello, Christ's resurrection? Yep, love that. Also, new Easter duds? Love 'em.

In fact, one of my favorite times of the year is SPRING BREAK. I can assure you that my time spent in Destin (3 years to be exact) holds some of the greatest memories I will ever have. I mean...who could forget the endless hours of car games, stops through New Orleans, nights at AJ's, days on the beach, trips to Wal-Mart ("just the cups and the bra"), continental breakfast/ happy hour, hot tub nights and everything in between? In what seemed like our first real dose of freedom, we would pack cars to capacity, load our ipods and set out for the best week of the year. Drivers would be designated beforehand and the rest would be history. Inevitably, we would each start a crush at the beginning of the week and play a little game of how many times we could see them out on the town. More often than not, it was some southern boy with a heavy drawl that went to a school by the name of "State." Well sure you did, there are only 50 of them.

Needless to say, the material is endless from these trips. You would think that after a week of splotchy tans and late nights that we'd be sick of each other but the car trip home proved to have some great memories as well. The constant bathroom stops and car games would entertain us for hours. One of our favorites was the "Most Likely..." game in which we'd throw out a scenario (ie. "most likely to get plastic surgery") and everyone would pass around a piece of paper and write down the initials of the chosen person. The rules: the answer had to be someone in the car and no one's feelings could get hurt. And no, Regina George was not on the trip. Surprisingly, everyone took it in good fun and we got to end a week of ridiculousness on an even more ridiculous note.

So to all the Destin girls of past and present, I salute you. Our figures might be a bit rounder and our skin might resemble the color of a Twilight character but we will always cling to the time when we were footloose and fancy free.

Where'd you get those beads?!

Beach Bums

Getting out of Dodge


  1. These memories keep me warm...especially as I trudged through the snow this morning.

    Can't we have just one more AJ's night?!