Monday, March 2, 2009

Spoiled Recap

Well guys...we've put in a good run. Last night's finale confirmed the famed "spoiler" circulating the Internet to be true. I really wish I could say that I clung to the hope that it wasn't real but that just wouldn't be honest. See, Jason never really seemed genuine to me and last night only solidified my apprehension.

I mean y'all, what is with a guy that found love once, only to have a child and divorce, to then go on a reality TV show to win another woman's heart, only to propose and get dumped and later go back on the same reality TV show and fall in "love" with two women? What kind of track record is that? And more importantly, why was everyone so surprised in the end to find that this guy had made the wrong decision? Clearly, the man is confused.

Let it be said that Jillian was probably sitting in her apartment in Canada with her girlfriends and some vino watching this all go down with a thankful heart. She was probably wide-eyed, hand cupped over her mouth, her chest rising and falling with every false move on Jason's part...girlfriend, you were spared. And poor Melissa. I have to say...I do not know what I would have done in her shoes. She is absolutely legitimate in her anger that he would take away such a sacred moment from her. He seemed so cavalier about the fact that he proposed with no actual intention of seeing it through. Now I know I watched the finale through a scrutinizing set of eyes but it completely seemed like he knew that he was making the wrong decision. The minute he let Molly walk away you could see the regret. Sometimes you get caught up in the moment but this just wasn't right. He knew then and there that it wasn't the right decision and yet he went with it.

Fast-forward a few months as Molly shows up to the scene thinking that she's going to get some questions answered. Oh and how spooked did Chris Harrison look? The awkwardness was heavy in the air and Chris the mediator was just trying to stay afloat. So Jason dumps Melissa, who then becomes the newest roadkill in the Bachelor franchise and storms off the set. Molly comes onto the stage telling Chris that the love is still there and that she sometimes dreams about Jason asking for her back...well, dandy. Oh look, it's Jason. He asks Molly to give him another shot as he sits there all smirky and the least bit apologetic while Molly looks "baffled". I am a little bit surprised that she even thought to ask about Melissa, but it was clearly a formality. So that's where the confusion sets in. Are we really supposed to believe that Molly and Jason have not stayed in touch the past few months? In the words of The Loj, "doubtin' it!" I don't care how much love is between them it just doesn't add up that within seconds of Jason's big announcement she would be cozied up next to Daddy and kissing him like nothing had ever happened. Now I hate to be Negative Nancy, and at this point I just wish them the best, but history shows that Jason does not have the best reputation as a lasting boyfriend so my advice to Molly would be, "proceed with caution."

Tonight's "After The Rose" episode will be an updated look into the life of Molly and Jason. Everything I have read proves that they are happy and together so we'll just have to see what happens. For now, I have had my fill of Bachelor news and would love to get back to regular programming.


  1. I do love that you just quoted the Loj.

  2. And to quote Jimmy Kimmel..."I really hope that it all works out and that you are happy, but I don't that's going to happen for ya."