Wednesday, March 4, 2009

To the Birthday Girl

To my Sister on her 28th year -

Here are 28 things I think of when I think of you:

28. Dog Whisperer- both stray and owned.
27. Thoughtfulness - You never forget a birthday or special event.
26. Red - You and your special hair, it's like God knew you wanted to stand out:)
25. Slow Eater - We're all finished and you're still building something on your plate.
24. Lyrics - Your ability to accurately know the words to any song.
23. Eggs - Your dislike for them and how you can spot them from a mile away.
22. Baseball - Your unparalled knowledge and appreciation for America's game.
21. Mentor - You are Mikayla's partner-in-crime and someone I've always looked up to.
20. Troop Beverly Hills - "Patches? We don't need no stinking patches!"
19. Planner - Not just your day job, you know how to get things done.
18. Funny girl - Never a dull moment when you're around.
17. Mom - To Rookie of course..
16. Blogger - My go-to on a slow day.
15. Blue Bell Cookies & Cream Ice Cream - I hated it, you loved it.
14. Your confused but loyal heart - UT? A&M? Who do you really root for?
13. Pi Beta Phi - You and your fun "pee fee" friends.
12. Chips and Salsa - 'Nuff said.
11. Maverick - Typical first born.
10. Cheerleader - Former and current. "Hullabaloo way way..." ;)
9. Breakfast champion - I dream about those Tammy's treats.
8. Red Lipstick - "Hold on, I've got to put on my lips."
7. Bride - Fancy pants in her white dress.
6. Listener - You're my Frasier when I need one.
5. Turtlenecks - The "uniform" has never let you down.
4. Honest - She'll tell you what's up.
3. Wifey - You love that boy of yours and he loves you.
2. Sister - The older, smart, and sassy one.
1. Woman of God - Has a full heart for the Big Guy.

Love You!


  1. YAY! This is so sweet. And I love that I know most of these things about your sals, too!


  2. Sister, this is so sweet! Thank you. I did laugh outloud when I read, "Slow Eater." ha ha. Love you!