Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pretty Clutter

images via home sweet home

I wish that my bedroom clutter looked like this. Instead, it's the belt I wore from yesterday laying on my leather chair, my shoes from kickball sitting in the floor, and my perfume bottle missing it's cap on my nightstand. So chic, right?

I've got a few ideas for a little bedroom renovation, with the most notable being my desire to paint my walls grey. I've seen a lot of "neutral grey" walls that really transform a not-so-styled room into something great. My landlord got a little testy with my painting request so I don't know if I'm going to push it. However, if history serves me correctly - when I hear "no," it is usually the answer I need in order to get my way.

And so, in going with the theme of "less impulsive in 2010," I am going to noodle on it for a little longer. Its not to say that I will fully comply, but I'll take their wishes into consideration. Until then, I'll admire from afar.

On a completely unrelated note - I leave for San Diego tomorrow! To say that I am hyped is an understatement. The timing is just perfect for a little getaway and who's to say that I won't throw enough clothes in my bag for all seasons? You know, just in case...


  1. I love those stacked trunks as a night stand! And grey walls=love, love! But I'm not telling you to break rules.....

  2. Yes I love grey walls! I can't to paint someday! My aunt's entire condo in Dallas is painted in Benjamin Moore's "chapplestone" Check it out! Have fun on your trip =)

  3. You know I love gray- both to wear and on walls. It's the color of my room at the parentals' home and I find it very classy and soothing.

    I can't even talk about clutter- I shut my door when I left this morning, I was so flustered by the state of my room.