Monday, February 1, 2010

She get it from her Mama

Not only is this little girl precious in her trench coat, but something tells me that one day she'll realize just how fun the camera can be and pose like the rest of us...

I saw this photo today and it reminded me so much of the day when I used to hide into my Mom for photos. Surprisingly enough, I was the quiet type in my earlier years. I would gab in front of the family for hours and then a newbie would come on the scene and I would clam right up.

I know, I know...shocking.

One of the funnier stories of my shy and delicate ways was when my Mom and her close friend helped "coach" our little girl coach pitch team. If it tells you anything, some of my favorite parts of my little league days were the outfits and the post-game juice boxes. I would just get so hot out there, and who could blame me when my mom would leave my long hair down and in a hair bow for games? Inevitably it would be my turn to play pitcher for that given inning and I would stand next to my Mom as she pitched the ball to the little slugger at the plate. One particularly toasty day my Mom looked around and didn't see me next to her. She turned around and there I was...hiding in her shadow.

I wasn't very attentive to the mechanics of the game, but I caught on quickly to the temperature drop that occurred when I stood behind my Mom on the mound. If memory serves me correctly, I think she benched me from there on out for my diva-like tendencies.


  1. That little girl looks just like you! And Suri Cruise, but whatevs....

  2. If memory serves correct you were not benched, merely moved to a "position" player where you proceeded to do cartwheels and exchange jewelry with Shelby Watten!

  3. Funny, similar events are still occurring today...