Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Good Girl Watches: Slumdog Millionaire

I LOVE movies. I have already established my affiinity for Tween flicks but really, I don't discriminate. In fact, it's a running joke that I happen to like everything which, consequently, prevents me from giving a trusted movie critique. However, I am here to tell you that I saw an amazing movie today, Slumdog Millionaire. True to form, we have picked back up our Sunday morning tradition of matinee movies. Kate and I (with coffee in hand) met up with our guy friends at 11am sharp to get some seats.

Slumdog is an independent film about a young man from the slums of India that goes on the famous gameshow "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" and wins, only to be later accused of cheating. The movie goes on to chronicle every question and how it relates to events in his life, thus allowing him to correctly answer every question. I know that my summary can't really do it justice, but the cinematography and story are incredible. A definite must-see. I believe that it's in limited release right now but it's perfect for a date night!


  1. I've heard a lot about this movie so I will probably see it (though I heard the same about Akeela and the Bee and still haven't seen it). But I just wanted to say that the personality and general similarities between your family's kids and mine is always amazing. Kate watches She's The Man EVERY Sunday and proclaims that it's the best movie of all time. Thus the reason not one person trusts her movie judgement. Y'all are the same person.

  2. That poop scene must win some type of award, right?!

    I loved our heavy movie watching weekend together.

  3. K-Rog: I speak for your fan base when I say it's been too long. Three weeks we have waited!