Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight, You're Breakin' My Heart

Twilight, I’m over you. This coming from an avid reader that is almost finished with the third book…what is happening? Let’s face it, I don’t really mean that. But right now it’s all I can do to escape the hysteria. There is nothing that I do, read, or watch that hasn’t had some sort of Twilight trickle-down affect. Nothing is above reproach, Twilight cereal, vampire cookies, wearable fangs – you name it, they’ve got it. I have already established my love for all things Tween; however, I pride myself on not having the personality for all out hysteria. For example, someone I know (Alyssa) tends to have the compulsive desire to meet, date, stalk, and marry any working celebrity that she finds attractive. She is very open about her condition, even explaining that when Titanic hit the theaters almost ten years ago (we’re old) she was one of the ones that fell into the Leo love-trap. So you can only imagine her devotion to the newest Twilight craze. Admittedly, it’s an attractive group of youngsters that are playing these characters, but still…there are limits. Can we not just read the books, buy a ticket and watch the movie? Must we really stampede them at the mall? Call me apathetic but I’m sorry, I can’t take it anymore.

This is exactly the reason why I fought the Potter battle. Grown men dressed up as wizards outside of Barnes & Noble, I’ll pass. I hate to get analytical about this, but our society tends to take something and completely beat the love out of it. My friends and I had this discussion after watching Brad Pitt on Oprah a few days ago. One of the girls described it as a “giant love fest” and I wholeheartedly agree. She was starry eyed and he was overly complimentary, which makes for a typical celebrity interview. However, our discussion centered around the fact that a. Oprah managed to Skype in the world’s most annoying fan that knew every tattoo on Brad’s body, but b. when asked if he could have one day of anonymity what he would do, he simply answered that he would take down his gates and fences, say hi to his neighbors, let his kids play outside and maybe grill. Basically, he would be “normal.” Now listen, my apathy for celebrities is slim at best but this is kind of sad. This is a guy who is sitting there saying this knowing that he’ll really never get that. Of course our discussion turned to the fact that this was a “meet in the middle” situation between Brad and the media. It is arguable that he sought this kind of fame out and was then met the rest of the way by the media. Do you think he ever expected a life like this? Probably not, but this is what he has. For better or for worse, his family will probably never know a life without cameras, media scrutiny, multiple houses, millions of dollars and lack of privacy. I don’t know, it just put a lot into perspective as to what kind of life I am living. Sometimes it's nice to be reminded that things are better than we think.

Anyway, just a little thought for a boring Friday. Of course I’m still on "Team Twilight." I might wait out the weekend and catch the movie during the weekday but I shall remain devoted.

Vampire Love,


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  1. OH NOOOO! (cheeks flush with embarrassment)

    However, I'm a big enough person to admit that it's oh so true. Someday you'll appreciate it when you are a bridesmaid in my celebrity wedding on the Greek coast...

    Look out Rob Pattinson! ;)