Sunday, November 9, 2008

Post-Week Recap

I'm baaaack! Sorry for the has been a busy week and a half! Since my last post I have celebrated Landrie's birthday, enjoyed Halloween, took a quick trip to Austin for Race for the Cure, voted, went to the So You Think You Can Dance show, stopped by Lucky Shops annual event, started the xmas season in style with the Rockettes Christmas spectacular and said farewell to Robbie:(

Like they always say, it's the best of times and the worst of times!

First thing's first - The birthday girl celebrates with banana cake, Pocahontas and Queen B from Gossip Girl

Next up - Surprise trip to Austin

So for the 4th annual Race for the Cure in Austin, Team Zsa Zsa pulled out all of the stops. With the highest attendance yet, my sister and Mom wanted to make it a wonderful experience for every person involved. My Mom had been on cloud 9 for weeks leading up to the weekend and had begged for my brother and I to attend. Telling her that I couldn't take off days or afford a plane ticket, I left her with the fact that I just couldn't make it this year. So the week before, I scoped out flights on (it's great), found a reasonably priced flight and booked it. I called Taylor, convinced him to come, brought Tiffany in the loop and locked everything into place. The surprise on Saturday went on without a hitch and she was beside herself when she saw us. It was completely worth it. That night we celebrated with a cookout at Tiffany and Dave's new house where she played the perfect host, even though UT lost the dreadful game to the Raiders...which we're still not talking about. All in all, team Zsa Zsa was complete with cute t-shirts and a personalized banner (thanks to Courtney and Brett) which we will be using next year and that leaves me with the highest hopes for Team Zsa Zsa 2009!

My partner in crime in his flashy tee

Last stop - So You Think You Can Dance Tour & Lucky Shops

So this has been an action packed week, both for myself and for the country. I wish that a new president was the highest priority on my list, but how could I have fit that into my week o' fun? Don't worry, I enjoyed a vanilla cupcake complete with a screen printed picture of Obama, compliments of Mama O. Don't tell me that I'm not political.

Sorry for the marathon blog, I promise to be better about posting. For now I have to go dust off my Mariah Carey Christmas cd...


  1. I didn't think this post could be filled with even an ounce more of fabulous-ness... until I got to the part about Mariah's Christmas CD. LOVE IT! We need a dance party/sing-a-long asap, if not sooner :)

  2. O seriously sent cupcakes with Obama's face on it? She is OOC!