Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kenny Ortega, I love you.

Email chains. Gotta love em. Everyone has their "group." Oftentimes it's your closest friends, but other times you can be a part of a truly great email chain that has no real core. However, my most loyal email chain involves a very set group of people with a range of daily interests. One day I'll get an uplifting verse, the next day I'll get an inappropriate joke. You just never really know.

Well today I received the lyrics to "Seize The Day," a popular number from the hit movie Newsies. Not only does this movie happen to be one of my all time favorites, but it was directed by none other than Kenny Ortega. I am telling you, this guy is my hero. If you do not know anything about Mr. Ortega, then I will enlighten you. Not only did he discover Zac Efron, but he has been responsible for some of my all-time favorite movies: Dirty Dancing, High School Musical(s), Pretty In Pink, etc. I swear, had he dabbled in Grease or Dreamgirls, I would officially have to quit my job and stalk him. Thank goodness that won't be necessary. Anyway, here are a few clips of classic Ortega delight to brighten your day...I know that they have brought great joy to mine!

Newsies - "Seize The Day"

High School Musical 3 - "The Boys Are Back"

Ortega Update: After an extensive look into his biography, I have also found out that he will be responsible for bringing Footloose to Broadway in 2010 - who's in?


  1. Well we know that Zac is in, so obviously the rest of us will follow suit. I agree though - can you imagine if he'd added a dance number to the new Twilight movie?! My head would explode.

  2. The Loj is going to freak when she sees this post. She L-O-V-E-S do I, but she loves it! And we used to sing this song in the Green Machine all the time! Good times. Love you Kenny O!

  3. HAAAA!!!!! T-ROG totally called it!!! As soon as I saw this, I freaked out and rushed to comment. Like.... seriously this is the movie I turn on any time I'm cleaning my house because I can just sing and dance and I don't have to watch it. I know every word of this movie. I love it.

    Don't forget you some Hocus Pocus! ;)