Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy New York

There is nothing like this time of year in New York City. My first trip to NYC was this very week 9 years ago. Hard to believe, huh? Something about the magic of Christmas, mixed with the energy of the city, (the twinkle lights, the weather, the smell of candied nuts, the rush of the Subway...I'll stop) just oozes the holidays. Since that time, I have spent several of my Christmases visiting and living there – truly some of the best of times.

Images of New York happen to be my favorite and most recently I have come across a photography blog that captures the pure essence of the City - the people. A few of the shots that I have pulled are not holiday-related, and yet, they manage to fill that inevitable void that I have during this time of year...

Merry Christmas and a happy New York!

images via the photodiarist

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  1. you gotta know i freaking LOOOOOVE this post!!!!!