Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas Week

I love the buildup! The anticipation of going home for the holidays, the countless number of holiday movies on cable, the abundance of sweets, the giddy children, the cooler temps, I could just go on and on...

Our family has a Christmas Eve tradition of family dinner, followed by our church's candlelight service and then presents. We have forever held our tradition of piling into our living room (dogs and all!), divvying up the appropriated gifts and taking turns as we go around the circle opening our loot. Things go pretty late into the night, so Nana makes her famous green drink while we clean up trash bags full of bows, gift wrap and tissue paper. We then pile into bed and anticipate Santa's arrival to bring our gifts for the next morning. Undoubtedly, Tiffany would be the most eager to wake up and see all what Santa had brought her, but it never failed that we would wait to go down together. We would hear each other stir and then sure enough, we'd all come creeping down together, sleepy eyes, scraggled hair, and all - more than anything, we would see just how good we had been that year. The older we get the less of an occasion this has become, although no less exciting. In fact, out of all of the traditions that we have adopted over the years I happen to enjoy the slowness of Christmas morning, a little coffee drip in the background and the realization that the holiday rush has settled and now it is time for rest.

There is nothing else that happens during the year that brings such overall joy and happiness to the family like Christmastime. I wish you and yours a blessed one...

"and may all your Christmases be bright!"

Ahh, the days of old. Clearly, I'm both startled and hyped at what Santa brought me. Just check out that little (read: ginormous) diaper...

Back in the day, my parents and their closest friends would doll the kiddies up in their Christmas best for a night of presents, Santa and holiday festivities. I think that more than anything, it's a poster for the 80's. As my Mom would say, "check out Miss Priss in her little red dress," that happens to be yours truly :)

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