Friday, March 19, 2010

G-chat Trash Talk

I don't know about you, but this March Madness has made everyone I know a little...well, mad. I joined an all-girls bracket and have let the rush of the tournament go straight to my head. We each joined in the pool with a $20 gift certificate to the store or restaurant of our liking. Because like they say, "hell hath no fury like girls competing for Anthro gift cards!" I mean, I'm exploring a whole new side of myself with message boards, to-the-minute scores and live streaming. It's a rush.

All of this to say, I have filled my Friday with an average amount of fist pumping and a whole lot of trash talking. Below is a conversation I found myself in with my friend Bailey. Don't let the torment of tiny bangs and mid-calf capris fool you, we really are good friends; good friends on a mission for gift cards and free meals. You're going down, Frerich.

hahaha - i replied all...
Bailey: replied all?
me: to your precious message board
Bailey: i thought it was blocked?
me: i have my ways :)
Bailey: like how you picked dominion?
me: dawg, that was all my braaaaain
Bailey: boooogus
me: ok, you're right. that was all T-rog...
Bailey: he's really going to enjoy all those anthro gift cards
Bailey: my cousin is michael jordan maybe i should have had him help me.


Bailey: i'm sad you won't be at din din tonight, that way i could punch you in the gut
and then pull your throat
me: i know! i want nothing more than to scissor kick you and then give you bangs
Bailey: hahahaha
me: tiny bangs
Bailey: i'd cut your tunic...oh wait*
me: haha - i'd steal your roommate and then scratch on your windows at night
Bailey: i'd cut your jeans into mid calf capris
me: i'd glue shape ups to your feet
Bailey: and shave your head bc i know how you really like short hair
me: i'd give you tattoos of tears on your cheek, write thug life on your knuckles and then make you go to dinner w/ ... (you'd rather have the tattoos, wouldn't you?)
Bailey: and give the birds in your neighborhood tiny bird enemas and then capture them and put them in your house.**
Bailey: i would literally rather have a tattoo that said fabulous on my forehead
me: hahaha - in old english script?
Bailey: preferably sign language drawings

*I had borrowed her tunic for the day...
**We've had some bizarre bird occurrences this past week. They're going loco on everything in Dallas!

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  1. I literally just re-read this today and laughed almost as hard as the day I first read it at Mike's....

    Tiny bird enemas....1 point Bailey!