Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Going Green

So I know that tomorrow is the "official" St. Patrick's Day celebration, but Dallas jumped the gun on festivities and had a day-long event on Saturday. In what seemed like the longest parade ever, we arrived to the scene around noon and still managed to catch a glimpse of the crazies. It was all in good fun as everyone cheered, drank and basked in the afternoon sun, that is, until discussions of a bathroom break were revealed.

I swear, tears were shed at the thought of people abandoning ship and leaving those that were left behind in an attempt to find a suitable restroom. And of course by suitable, I mean a port-a-potty. Do not even get me started on my views of a traveling restroom...it gives me chills - we'll leave it at that. Needless to say, desperate times called for desperate measures as I pulled a "worst friend in history" move and cut in line with Amy as she was one person away from restroom glory (after having stood in line for 30 minutes, no less). I cut in line after deciding that I just couldn't take it any longer, only to be met with resistance from the tipsy fella behind us. He started in on his, "hey hey hey...you can't just cut in line like that," when I suddenly whipped around and said, "it's ok - we're going in together."


Without hesitation (and/or consultation), I signed Amy up for a two person bathroom break. It took the "girls go to the bathroom together" theory to a whole new level. I looked at her wide eyes, mouthed "I'm really sorry," and braced myself to forget that this ever happened. Needless to say, she was a great friend in that moment. She held back any tendency to tell me that I was a bad friend and just let it slide. The rest of the day was spent in a sea of green 20 somethings partaking in some college-like merriment, something I haven't experienced in quite awhile. We decided to end a great day of our early morning flea market, stop at the local taco stand, and St. Patty's madness with the tried and true movie/Mi Co combo. No better way to call it a day - don't mind if I do...

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