Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In The Heights

During our New York heyday we became familiar with the appreciation of a nice building that had a rooftop view. When we first arrived to the City our standard of living involved working outlets, running water, and possible affordability. It wasn’t until we moved into said apartment that we discovered the perks to living in the City for a few years. We would visit our new friends and NYC mentors New York apartments and marvel at their exposed brick and rooftop views while asking them, “how on earth did you find this place?!”

We got settled in the City and realized exactly what it was - luck. That’s it. You look at apartment-after-apartment, you deal with Craigslist scams, scandalous brokers, 5-floor walk ups, and then one day...you just find it. All of the headache (and heartache) suddenly becomes worth it when you find yourself resting in a quaint 3-bedroom in Manhattan. It’s interesting to note the “suburban” amenities that impress in Dallas are not exactly the same things that blow up the skirt of a New Yorker. For instance, granite counter tops seem like a staple here and yet I couldn’t tell you who even had a stove in the City. Another example, central air conditioning*. Find me a Texas resident without central air conditioning and I will gladly buy you a frozen yogurt because you will be hard pressed. However, a few months of mildly toasty conditions in the Northeast hardly warrant a/c installation and Freon.

All of this to say, some of the nicest accommodations that we had the pleasure of milking were those of the corporate variety. Our friends that would breeze into the City for company training always had the most glorious of digs. Robbie was put up for a time in a 2 bedroom/2 bath 10th Avenue highrise with the craziest view. You could see the Hudson to your West and the entire City to the East. It was so perfect during the day and so magical at night that it completely filled the void of having no access to a pool - we were sold. I had countless post-work Chipotle dinners atop that building and way too many “game” nights to admit. It was our Cheers bar, free hangout, and haven all in one. And while this wasn't the only rooftop that we graced during our time in Manhattan, it was easily one of our favorites.

It’s days like today with optimal “roof” weather that make me a little nostalgic for some time at elevated heights...

“I’ll do anything you want me to do...on the roof.” - Megan Kever

*Please note that we hauled (and installed!) our a/c unit from Bed, Bath & Beyond (4 blocks) all by ourselves. Let it be said that we used a J.Crew shoebox to keep it in place...for the entire Summer. Which also reminds me of the high heel we used as a hammer for a year and a half.



  1. HA! I love, love Megan's quote!

  2. i know what you mean. i was so tired of looking- that i'm currently residing on the 5th floor of a walk-up...and I lugged my air-conditioner from 86th and Lex to 102nd- and proceeded to carry it up 5 flights of stairs. i'd never hated the city more than that day...

    but, somehow, it won me back. :)

    we miss you!

  3. SOOO...is this supposed to make me feel bad?!

  4. I forgot that Megan said that...it was 100% true.