Monday, February 2, 2009

The Bachelor Recap

It's the final countdown in the land of women for Jason the bachelor. Left with Stephanie, Melissa, Naomi, Molly and Jillian, Jason took the ladies to his hometown of Seattle. Not only was Jason returning to his place of residence, but he was also returning to his son Ty. The tearful reunion between these two has proved that they really do share a sweet bond. Father-son relations aside, it's time to get catty. Let's review the episode.

Melissa got the first one-on-one date this week. Jason had planned to take Melissa to a nice dinner followed by a helicopter ride around the city, but then he realized that Ty wanted nothing of it. As Jason started to get ready for the evening he felt that it was probably best for him to stay home. He called Melissa and told her that they would be spending a relaxing night at home instead. She seemed ok with new date and elected to spend the rest of the evening cuddling with Jason in her "stretchy pants."

The next date was a day in the city with Molly, Stephanie and Jillian. They took a boat cruise around the harbor and drank the night away. Poor Stephanie thought that it'd be a good idea to pack her white fur vest with the hope of a date to Aspen. When that dream shattered (thanks recession), she figured she'd bust it out in his hometown. Girlfriend had it going on. We kind of cracked up that Jason was petting her vest while she was "steering" the ship. Not to mention, that goofy captain was next to them the whole time! There is no telling what was running through his mind in that moment, probably something along the lines of, "how did I get here?" Anyway, the date moved on to the radio station where Jason was grilled by the local "talent" about love, life, and kissing the bachelorettes. True to form, Jason kissed and told, ranked their kissing ability and correctly matched their levels of affection.

Lastly, there was the one-on-one date with Naomi. Jason took Naomi on what we think was the plane ride that he had originally scheduled for Melissa. And really, who can blame him? Afterall, he did put all of that effort in planning it! Right.

Moving on.

Naomi was just busting at the seam with all of the fun that they were having and Jason was just kind of lackluster. In my opinion, Jason just looked tired and off his game. Sure they spooned in a completely public place, but that doesn't mean anything anymore. Or maybe it was his stunning realization that he, in fact, has no feelings for Naomi. Whatever the reason, we weren't buying it.

In case you missed it, here's this week's recap:

Jillian - Jason questioned Jillian's feelings this week and felt satisfied with her responses. We found it interesting that she tried to cry twice and fell short...twice. Status: rose.

Stephanie - In the most tearful rose ceremony yet, Jason decided to end the journey for Stephanie. She handled it like a champ and looked really pretty in her referee outfit, I mean dress. :) Status: no rose.

Naomi - Well we know where this is going. Also, please note that her proportions were all wrong during the rose cermony: pencil skirt, kitten heels, bubble shirt - oy! Status: rose.

Melissa - True to form, Melissa got sappy on us this week. We think that her cookie is starting to crumble and we don't like it one bit. Next week will be interesting. Status: rose.

Molly - Molly has proved to be the sleeper this season and we're starting to come around. Jason is very much into her and it bodes well that her family is willing to meet him. Status: rose.

Honestly, this week was the first time all season that the 2 hour episode seemed to really drag on. Even with TiVo, we felt like it was soaking up our entire night. In the end, Jason was extremely heartfelt in his goodbye to Stephenie and he did exactly what we thought he'd do (cry), but more importantly, he let her go with the grace that she had shown all season. We think that she'll do just fine with all of this newfound exposure. As for the final four, there is still work to be done and we feel that the hometown dates will decide their fate. As for me, I can hardly wait to see Naomi's family bury the dead dove...see you then!


  1. I think it was good that he cut Stephanie before the hometown dates... she needed to go. Naomi needs to go too, but that's what next week is for I guess.

    This definitely paled in comparison to the greatness that was Gossip Girl last night. PALED.

  2. Stephanie did not look like a referee! Gahhh, why do I have such a soft spot for her?

    And in the imaginary words of Chris, shouldn't it be the most tearful rose ceramony EVER??

    I agree, it certainly did drag on last night. Ready for some Idol, reality tv at it's finest.

  3. Naomi talks like a baby....

    Stephanie got glitter in the ABC limo...bless her heart.

  4. totally dragged on! and yes, i was not a fan of naomi's outfit. or steph's ref dress. molly looked so pretty, though - i forgot what she looked like when her hair isn't in a ponytail :)