Monday, February 2, 2009

Eighties Beats & Super Bowl Meats

I had a great weekend and I hope that y'all did too! Friday night was relatively low-key in the digs of 2D. I made a homemade dinner (read: peanut butter and jelly sand which) after the devastating discovery of my potato having sprouts, thus forgoing my original plan of a warm baked potato.

I know, riveting.

After a failed attempt to cozy up and watch Tropic Thunder with Alyssa, I moved my party into our room and finished Happy Gilmore. They seriously don't make them like they used to. It was a perfect example of how simple humor wins every time. Anyway, I fell asleep at the bustling hour of 10:30 and knew that Saturday had to have more promise. Sure enough, I shot up at 8am and had nothing to do. So I did what every out-of-shape New Yorker does in 18° weather, I went jogging. If it appears that Hell has frozen over, I can assure you, it hasn't. However, Central Park has seemed to. I bundled up in a ragtag outfit of layered assortments and set out. My eyes were watering, my nose was running, and my body was just not moving together...I looked ridiculous. I literally made myself stay active for 45 minutes and then fled the scene. My roomies were still sleeping soundly, so I decided to run a few errands and catch a morning movie that no one else wanted to see. In case you were wondering, New In Town is just okay.

I got home in time to spruce up our place for the party that was taking place in our apartment later that evening. Kate's book club was having their kick-off meeting with a fiesta followed by a night of 80's cover music at the Canal Room. Thanks to the fabulous culinary skills of Ms. Kristin Whitley, our fiesta came complete with wonderful homemade margs and Mexican burritos. We ended the night in 2D with a private fashion show, featuring the likes of a green unitard and an afro wig. Don't think that she didn't wear it out...

Several cab rides later, we ended up at our destination for some serious 80's classics. Several of us made a beeline for the front and got the dance party started. Seriously, how can you not dance to "Take Me Home Tonight"? You can't, I promise. We held our own through several Michael Jackson classics and then called it a night. To be honest, the whole scene was a little reminiscent of Wednesday nights at the Tap spent jamming out to the Spazmatics - oh college life, how I miss thee. And in case you're wondering how to get a room full of coed 20-somethings to dance, throw on some vintage Whitney Houston and you'll see magic happen. For the record, grown men singing "yeaaaah I wanna dance with somebody" never gets old.

The weekend culminated with a Super Bowl party at Micah's apartment. The girls of 2D did not feel entitled enough to throw a football-themed bash since we had not watched a single professional football game all year, so we made the guys do it. You know that dudes are in charge when the menu is as follows: meaty pizza, wings, beer, various chips, and "7-layer" dip (which they happened to mix together). I'm serious, not a single dessert in sight. I couldn't help but wonder what the menu would have looked like had we thrown the party. The poor guys would have had diet coke, chocolate chip cookies and brownies. Due to the dessert-sized void, I decided that my contribution would be a baked good. More than anything, I wanted my addition to be the most popular dish. Who says I'm not competitive? I made brownies (not too done) with mint-flavored icing, think over sized Thin Mint cookie. While they weren't the "it" item (thanks Alyssa), I must say that they were a hit. However, now that I know what it takes to be on top, you can bet that I will show up next year with steak in hand because I will NOT be outdone:)

The company was wonderful, and more importantly, we were able to tackle the real issues of game day: Kurt Warner has aged well, Xuan will invest in a gold toilet someday, Bruce Springstein almost chipped the Penguin's tooth with his guitar swing, Ray Tidwell was the best Cardinals player and had the best commercial.

So with a heavy heart I say goodbye to the weekend and hello work's to hoping that a new episode of Gossip Girl can waive my Monday blues.


  1. I'm so happy that you are blogging again. I'm living vicariously through you in NYC! I LOVE it that the guys didn't have any desserts. hahaha.

  2. Just to reinforce the title, my dish was only a hit because it involved meat! Take notes. :)