Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Magpie

Today I want to introduce you to Maggie. Maggie is my family’s Labrador retriever and one special pup. She was Taylor’s Christmas gift several years ago and she has since been a perfect addition to the Rogers’ clan. Being the dog family that we are, Miss Maggie was treated like royalty from the start. There isn’t a place she would go without a loving coo that would follow. I particularly took to Maggie because she is a dog with the biggest heart who saw me as a sucker coming from a mile away. No matter what was going on, I knew that I could walk through the door and count on her to be there, tail wagging and a huge smile on her face – just as loyal and happy as can be.

We quickly discovered that one of Maggie’s favorite past times was swimming and with that, my Summer buddy was born. She would absolutely not let me go outside without her and it was just fine by me. The summer before I moved to New York we’d spend the entire day outside and then go in and rest together. Anything I could do, she could do better. One of Maggie’s striking qualities is her love of food. Maggie is infamous for her gluttonous ways and we found out the hard way that she was a force to be reckoned with. Maggie has been guilty of eating trays full of raw steaks, dozens of iced cookies and we won’t even elaborate on the time that she ate a packing peanut – hey, at least she’s not picky.

Maggie has stood by us through it all. She was the perfect companion during sick times and the most excited during the happy ones. She is a crowd favorite and the most popular pet in the cul-de-sac. Needless to say I am being nostalgic because more than anything I wish that I could take her for a walk, lounge poolside, and show her some love. So to the dog with a thousand nicknames (Magnadoodle, Magpie, Miss Maggie, Magan, Moose), I love you and you’re the best dog!

Happy as can be

Resisting one of our favorite treats

Swimming with one of her best buddies


  1. MISS MAGGIE!! She's a good girl. She needs to hit the pool...winter's packin' on the pounds. True Rogers girl.

    Ps...I love that picture of her on the boat! It's my favorite

  2. This recession is good for your blog business...

  3. I bet Mr. Rookie Bear would like some face time on your blog too!