Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My So Called Life

Sooo apparently being a finicky blogger is my M.O. I think that the promise of writing a Bachelor recap was a way for me to make myself be committed to this. However, a few things have happened in the past few weeks that have severely thrown me off my axis:

First, my office moved floors in our building. While this isn't earth-shattering, it has been quite the task. Luckily, my affinity for office supplies has come in handy as I have labeled everything in sight. I think I learned my lesson after packing all of my stuff my senior year of college only for my Dad to notice that I labeled my boxes, "random," "various," "bedroom accessories," "etcetera." Let me tell you, we didn't know what we were getting as we opened each of them. Oops.

Second, my iPhone was stolen. Well, I'll give the perpetrator the benefit of the doubt, my iPhone was found but never returned. Somehow in the excitement of Alyssa's birthday, my phone went missing. You would think that it would be impossible to lose something so important, especially since my clutch was the size of an envelope, but somehow I managed to do so. Thirty minutes after we left I noticed my error and scurried back to the restaurant, only to find that the phone had not been returned. I proceeded to call my number and quickly received my voicemail. I left my number with the hostess, but deep down I knew that it was a lost cause. The next morning I discovered that they had called my sister (aptly labeled "Sister" in my phone - brilliant) in the middle of the night and gave her a little bit of a scare. While completely mean, and a huge inconvenience, I have to say that things are going to be ok. In case you are wondering, no, I am not replacing it right now. A lost phone, and subsequent upgrade in service, were not in my February budget so I am going to hold off. Besides, I was able to move on with a little help from my college cell phone. I knew that it was a trusted source when my first call came through and the sweet sound of Justin Timberlake's "My Love" rang on cue. I have to tell you, there's a strange comfort in low-grade technology. Now if only I could figure out how to set up my voicemail.

Third, my close pal, college friend, and New York roomie decided that, she too, will be moving back to Texas! A far cry from the previous news, this is nothing short of exciting. You see, Alyssa and I have done it all in New York. We dreamed up the idea of being City girls while sharing a room at Marsteller only to pour over ideas the Summer before we left, we even managed to take the very same flight together. We have literally traveled this journey together and I can honestly say that it wouldn't have been the same without her. In fact, the other day I was cleaning out my inbox and came across several emails to each other that talked about plans that we had made before we were set to take off. They were so full of energy, excitement, and nervousness as we were about to embark on this new adventure together. I talked about getting my first suit, while Alyssa discussed the importance of her resume - we were girls on a mission. It seems so long ago, when really, I remember it like it was yesterday. I can honestly say that I have always known Alyssa to be fiercely loyal, incredibly wise and one of the funniest people I know, so it is safe to say that it was going to be hard to leave her. Through much prayer and inner conflict, she decided that her heart was leading her back to Texas. It's not that she wouldn't always love NY, in fact, she can now walk away with a restored appreciation knowing that it will always have a piece of her heart. As we finish out our last few weeks in the City together I will look back fondly at all of our wonderful memories and know that there is no other way I'd want to leave than with my close friend by my side.

Also, I have decided to give myself a free pass on the Bachelor recap this week. The Women Tell All is never my favorite moment from the season and Monday's episode was no exception. However, I thought that Chris was a little bit more feisty than usual...he really handed it to Natalie at one point. Deservedly so, that girl is terrible. Plus, that spoiler has really cramped my style. I mean, how is a girl supposed to act surprised in all of this? Oh well, I guess I'll just have to seek refuge in Tool Academy and Friday Night Lights to curb my Bachelor blues...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Bachelor Recap

Before I start, I would just like to say that I stayed up past 1am to watch The Bachelor for this recap. If that doesn't spell dedication, then I don't know what does. Plus, we're moving floors tomorrow in our office and my desk is in shambles. The unorganization is killing my thought process. Enough of the excuses, here's the recap!

So we're down to the final three in the land of the Bachelor. Jason whisked the girls away to New Zealand for a romantic getaway coupled with overnight dates. We welcomed a little change in scenery because the recession has had things moving a little slow this season. The first date this week went to Jillian. They embarked on a helicopter tour, followed by a picnic on the edge of a cliff (thank you ABC intern). She was over the moon for this completely awesome date. However, we noticed that Jason looked a little reluctant as she opened up and talked about wanting to marry her best friend with the desire of growing old together. I personally thought that this looked like the most enjoyable date, but probably because I think that Jillian is so natural. Everything that they do together seems so normal and comfortable, but clearly Jason was having reservations about them being merely friends with nothing more passionate. Insert: the hot tub scene. I mean, what in the world? First of all, I have faithfully watched every season of The Bachelor for years now and I can tell you that they have never shown so much action at length. Let's just say that it was WAY too much and affirms any suspicions that one might have as to what they actually do in the fantasy suite. And in complete defense of Jillian, this amount of affection would confuse any girl...more on that later.

Molly was up next for the worst of the three dates. Not only was it raining the whole time but he also planned for them to go bungee jumping. My fear of heights had me from hello on this one and I didn't even enjoy watching it. You know that all she wanted to do was look pretty and put her best foot forward...the next thing she knew she was jumping off a bridge with frizzy hair. No thank you. I think that going on a television show to find love proves that you can handle the pressure, but call me old-fashioned. They moved on from the bungee over to have coffee and breakfast together. Molly pulled out a list of twenty questions to ask Jason for the sake of knowing just "regular" things about him. What struck me was the question, "if your house was burning down, what would you grab first?" Me, being the interactive spectator that I am, blurted out, "Ty." Only for Jason to answer, "my old school Air Jordans." Wait a second. You mean to tell me that out of all of your prized possessions, both living and sentimental, that your old sneakers would be spared from the wreckage?! For Ty's sake, we're going to pray that there's no Seattle blaze...

The last date was for Melissa. My how the mighty have fallen in our eyes, Melissa just isn't cutting it these days. The whining, the sad eyes, the puckered bottom lip...it's just getting to be too much. Although we're not much for Melissa, Jason is. The attraction for him is so apparent, that it makes it hard for us to take the other relationships seriously. Melissa and Jason took a boat ride around the coast and then ventured back to a resort for another round in the hot tub. Thankfully round 2 was a lot more PG! They went round-and-round about Melissa's family (or lack thereof) and she explained to him that they would have loved him and that she is disappointed that they were not a part of this process. She obviously has feelings for Jason and expressed them very clearly on their evening date. Just like the two before her, she said that she was in love with Jason and that she thought he should know. Due to the fact that he can't express his feelings, he just made out with her. Every year I think that there is something sick and wrong with the fact that these girls have to do this. Must they really have to be so vulnerable? The whole setting is just so unnatural, the multiple seating arrangements, the bubble baths, the abundance of wine...

Y'all...am I over this?!

Ugh, here's the recap:

Molly - Molly was a trooper this week. Without a doubt, she was dealt the roughest hand and persevered. I couldn't help but think that I'd be the crazy girl with poofy Diana Ross hair literally crying because I had to wimp out of bungee jumping due to hyperventilation. (Take two seconds to actually picture that...insane.) Anyway, Jason has consistently been on board with Molly. Status: rose.

Jillian - It goes without saying that we're big fans of Jillian. Last week I stated that she was statistically the best match for Jason but now I feel like I can't really make that judgement call anymore. I will, however, admit when I am wrong and I clearly was off-base on this one. She seems like someone that has a grasp on what she's looking for and I'm completely confident that she'll find it. And for whatever it's worth, we loved that dressed that she got dumped in...at least she went out in style. Status: no rose.

Melissa - Well Melissa looked like a saloon girl at the rose ceremony this week. I just don't even know where you begin to purchase an outfit like that. She whimpered her way to the rose this week and something tells me that there's a lot more in store for her. Status: rose.

**This just in. Y'all...I have heard a spoiler so big that I don't even know what to do with myself. For the sake of accuracy, I am not going to share it because it's still just speculation, but let's just say it's big. I mean, b-i-g. I hate to be so dramatic but that's what I do. I can say that, without a shadow of a doubt, Chris Harrison has finally gotten it right, "the most dramatic rose ceremony yet" is completely justified with this twist. So next week we have the "Women Tell All" (lame) but that just means that it brings us even closer to the finale!

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm not going to write you a love song...

or a Bachelor recap. Due to my presence as the Sara Bareilles concert, I missed last night's episode. However, I fully intend on watching it this evening and then posting my recap tomorrow morning. I am dying to know what happened because I kept receiving texts that said things like "scandalous" and "unbelievable," so I can only assume the worst.

Little Sara B. was adorable and proved that she is incredibly talented. Unfortunately I forgot my camera or else I'd upload some cute pictures from last night's event. I'll try and update later!

Also, I'd like to give a special shout-out to the Myers clan for their participation in the Austin 1/2 Marathon. I can only assume that their calves are still sore but hopefully it was worth the fight!

Happy Tuesday to my people.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Reason for God

This past weekend I stumbled upon an article by Dr. Tim Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian Church here in NYC. Dr. Keller is one of the foremost theologians of our day and a highly influential presence in the Christian makeup of New York City. Dr. Keller and his wife came to New York City in the late 80's to plant a church in what was said to be, "a Godless environment." Many opposed the idea of starting a church in a City that attracted commuters and singles alike, both of which, have not been known to be pillars of the church. He pressed on in spite of this and developed a church community that has now flourished to over four thousand members. I say this as someone who not only fits in the above demographic, but as someone who has been affected by the presence of Dr. Keller and his church.

Something about the way Dr. Keller presents the Gospel just makes sense to me. I can read it and actually get it. I think that so much of what he preaches is relevant because of his focus on Christ in an urban environment. So this past weekend I came upon this article that he had written titled, "The Importance of Hell," that admittedly didn't interest me. Afterall, I have spent years in the church talking around the concept of Hell (how to avoid it, what saves you from it, etc.). However, this article discusses why it was not only important, but imperative to address it. Dr. Keller brings up four points and then goes on to expand on each of them. As I read, I couldn't help but think that this is so vital to the Christian perspective; a true knowledge of what Hell is (a complete separation from God) but also, what is meant for Christ to endure it on the cross. I can't even begin to scratch the surface of the entire article so here is the link if you'd like to read it in your free time. I fully intend to pour over it a little bit more and reference it when I feel like I'm pulling away.

Also, Dr. Keller's new book The Reason For God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism comes out this weekend (available for pre-order on Amazon) if you're interested. I am sure that it will be just as insightful and would love to hear from you if decide to read it.

"Keller mines material from literary classics, philosophy, anthropology, and a multitude of other disciplines to make an intellectually compelling case for God." - Publishers Weekly

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Every time my family gets together we love to tell funny stories about shenanigans that happened while we were growing up. We always talk about who was the "sweet" baby or who cried the most and it always turns into a revelation of random stories. My parents just l-o-v-e to tell the story of when they brought me back from the hospital still swaddled in my newborn blanket and as they were staring at me, my Mom turned to my Dad and said, "she's so sweet isn't she?" My Dad's reply, "I don't know, she looks kind of...sneaky."

Yep, sneaky. There they were, staring at their fresh second born and that's the best that the could come up with. The irony of this is that I was kind of timid when we were little. You might even say sensitive. For a time, I would jump when someone would say my name too loud or I would always make someone else order for me when we were in public (thanks Tiffany), I just got used to being kind of wimpy. For the sake of confessions, it may or may not be confirmed that I tinkled my shorts on first base during my 3rd grade softball game because I was too scared to ask to go to the bathroom...again, wimpy.

It wasn't long before Taylor was born and I realized that I was, in fact, a middle child. This was not a big deal for me. I loved being the pb&j to the sandwhich or the icing to the Oreo...I never saw it as a bad thing. Is wasn't until a few years later that the prophecy of my birth started to take hold. I realized that being in the middle had it's advantages, I could fly under the radar and no one would ever even notice. Before I knew it, a sneakster was born. Now I will preface this by saying it was completely innocent, a wet willy here, a wedgie there - nothing earth-shattering. In fact, I would always give myself away because I have a very distinct giggle that accompanies my actions. Taylor and I were famous for sitting in the back seat, budded up next to each other, just laughing and plotting.

I tell you this to note that I am still this way - very, very ornery. In fact, if you have lived with me in that past few years, you have probably been subject to one of my tricks. With the advent of Facebook came a whole new medium for me to play. Like I said, it's never harmful...just in good fun. Another addition to my antics is my knack for voices. Poor Alyssa has been subject to some serious voice-overs from my favorite characters. This past weekend we were watching the Grammy's together and chiming in on who or what we thought were the most bizarre moments. One of which was Gary Sinise, Lt. Dan to the late person. As we watched him introduce one of the musical guests, we couldn't help but wonder - why was he there? He introduced a set of rappers who were doing a tribute to New Orleans...so maybe that was it, "is he from New Orleans?" IMDB confirmed - No, he is from Illinois. Is he in an upcoming movie? Nope, no movie. C'mon Sinise, we're fighting for your relevancy here! We just couldn't let it go. This surge of conversation brought to light a whole cast of randoms that we decided to dub as Alyssa's "Top Five." Sidenote: Top five is a game that our apartment plays where we rank our top five favorite celebrity crushes. Alyssa is known for her staunch and unchanging list, so we thought we'd make a few additions for her.

I was unleashed.

In what was a move that no one else could appreciate (or get, really) I crafted her new list. With the help of Kate, Google and Facebook we compiled pictures of John Candy, Kevin Bacon, Gary Sinise, Donald Faison, Bruce Jenner and Paul Blart the Mall Cop. Our devious giggles signaled that we were up to no good and that she was the brunt of our scheming. Unfortunately, this was not one of my better thought out attacks because she signed on to notice that she was tagged to every picture and took it upon herself to hack into my account and do a little bit of scheming of her own. I have to hand it to her, she stayed up past 1am to turn the table on me I didn't even notice that John Candy was my profile picture until mid-morning...touche Vest, touche. All of this to say that this is your warning, I can strike when you least expect it so be afraid, be very afraid...Sinise will get ya ;)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Bachelor Recap

Hometown dates, here we go! I am going to start by saying that this was the last week of "obvious" rejection for Bachelor Jason. I have found that this season has been low on the surprise factor when it comes to letting the girls go. We went into this week with Melissa, Molly, Jillian and Naomi. Jason set out to each respective hometown, hoping to gain a little insight into their private life.

I have to admit, I was taking personal phone calls through the first hour of last night's episode so I was not 100% committed to Jillian's date. However, it was in the background so I have a pretty good idea of what went down. I have said this before, but last night really drove home the point that I like Jillian. I truly believe that she kind of walked into this situation with the attitude of, "this should be fun" with no real intention of finding the man of her dreams. However, due to her constant light-hearted approach Jason has felt some sort of distance between them. I think that Jillian's hometown date was an effort for her to steer away from the surface. Jillian revealed that her Mother has depression and has dealt with it heavily for the past 15 years. Not only was this a big move on Jillian's part but it finally showed her emotional side, something that Jason highly appreciates. They went on to her house where her family was a nice blend of humorous and normal - something that Jason would come to appreciate by the end of this episode. More than anything, the comfort level between these two shot up and we saw Jillian really rise to the occasion.

Next up, we had Molly's date in Michigan. Michigan, right? I always get those Northern states mixed up. Anyway, the way I saw it, this was the slow decline into the abyss for Jason. Molly's loony Mother brought out the "hat box" in an effort to break the ice with Jason. He was actually a good sport and put on the indian headdress while Molly put on the crown, her Dad put on the beer topper and her Mom put on the over sized foam hat. I would like to think that meeting the parents is stressful enough that props are just aren't necessary. I'm sure there was that awkward transition of "when to take off the hat" as they were sitting in a circle in their living room...ahh, love it. Their family dinner was harmless enough, but Molly's Mom was at it again when she took Jason aside and asked him to draw a picture of Molly in his favorite moment. Like, really? I get that she was just trying to throw him some punches to see if he could take it, but the whole thing was just kind of overkill. He handled it all with a sense of humor and was probably glad when the night came to a close. All in all, the date could have been worse and his next hometown date would prove me right.

Jason moved on to California for his date with Naomi. Last week's preview gave me a little bit of hope for her kooky group, but it didn't even scratch the surface as to how wacky it really was. Let's just say that I would die if my Mom tried the "dove" stunt. Parts of this date were hard to watch because Naomi walked into the day thinking that she really had a chance. Not only was she the underdog going into the date, but she was oblivious to just how uncomfortable the private moments were with Jason. Naomi's Dad very seriously cornered Jason in what looked like a scripted televangelist move to try and talk about his beliefs. While we applaud his effort to actually address one of the most critical parts of a relationship, we think that he went about it all wrong. Jason's uncomfort was so blatant that I thought he was going to have a heart attack right there. Sidenote: Noted, these people do not talk about beliefs or anything even remotely personal. As for Jason, he looked positively giddy when the Mom walked downstairs to interrupt - but little did he know, that's when things would get really spooky. She jumps right in and bounces the ideas of afterlife, reincarnation and Indigo (?) off of Jason and he looked stunned. Unfortunately for Naomi, she blindly walks up with no clue as to what has just occurred. She proceeds to walk him out and make out with him as if he's the love of her life while we all watch thinking, "now that was a disaster."

Fake love is so blind.

The last stop for Jason was God's Country to meet Melissa and her family. Which in "reality" meant Melissa's best friends. She explains to Jason that her family is really private and does not want to be a part of the "publicness" of the show. He is clearly disappointed and does exactly what you'd do if you were letdown with someone...he makes out with her. Which, by the way, is Jason's M.O. - "when in doubt, make out." While it was disappointing that Jason did not get to get to meet her family, he did get to meet her fun friends, making this the most normal of all of the dates. They gave insight into the life that Melissa leads, which is probably more accurate than what her family could have portrayed. You could tell that she is a good friend to these people and that they are truly rooting for her happiness. All in all, we felt good about this date and think that Jason appreciated their Southern hospitality.

The breakdown:

Molly - This week was relatively uneventful for Molly. I get the feeling that she's slowly realizing that this is an actual commitment with a child involved. What was once her desire to win has tailed off into her realization that he's actually taking this seriously. If she were to shake a Magic 8 ball this week I think she'd get, "outlook not good" for the upcoming ceremony. Status: rose.

Melissa - Does Melissa love her shorts or what? Has anyone else made that observation? She is constantly prancing around in those itty things...typical cheerleader. Melissa is sweet, she's clearly over the bar scene in Dallas and looking for love...I think I feel a little bit of sympathy because I know the type. I do think that Melissa and Jason have obvious feelings for each other, but in recent weeks she's exposed a serious weakness in the form of self-confidence which only leads to other issues. Only time will tell with this one... Status: rose.

Jillian - Statistically, Jillian is the best match for Jason. Not only is Jillian "of age" but I truly think that she knows what she's entering in to. Not to mention that they're a good match, geographically speaking, which matters. My cards are on a Jillian v. Melissa final. Status: rose.

Naomi - While sweet, Naomi just didn't get it. Her family was all sorts of confused and we think that Naomi was too. Poor thing cried in the limo and wanted to give up on love which happens to be the exact opposite of what she should do. First things first, lose those tragic gladiator sandals and get back on the horse...love is out there! Status: no rose.

Next week the girls are whisked off to New Zealand! This is always the confusing episode because of the overnight date. What do they do in there? As for me, my eternal naivety will press on...surely they're just sleepy:) Deanna flies half-way around the world for...well, we're not sure what, but stay tuned for the tear-filled reunion!

Spoiler: Word on the street is that Deanna is dating Ace from the Real World! Two reality worlds colliding right there...love it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Magpie

Today I want to introduce you to Maggie. Maggie is my family’s Labrador retriever and one special pup. She was Taylor’s Christmas gift several years ago and she has since been a perfect addition to the Rogers’ clan. Being the dog family that we are, Miss Maggie was treated like royalty from the start. There isn’t a place she would go without a loving coo that would follow. I particularly took to Maggie because she is a dog with the biggest heart who saw me as a sucker coming from a mile away. No matter what was going on, I knew that I could walk through the door and count on her to be there, tail wagging and a huge smile on her face – just as loyal and happy as can be.

We quickly discovered that one of Maggie’s favorite past times was swimming and with that, my Summer buddy was born. She would absolutely not let me go outside without her and it was just fine by me. The summer before I moved to New York we’d spend the entire day outside and then go in and rest together. Anything I could do, she could do better. One of Maggie’s striking qualities is her love of food. Maggie is infamous for her gluttonous ways and we found out the hard way that she was a force to be reckoned with. Maggie has been guilty of eating trays full of raw steaks, dozens of iced cookies and we won’t even elaborate on the time that she ate a packing peanut – hey, at least she’s not picky.

Maggie has stood by us through it all. She was the perfect companion during sick times and the most excited during the happy ones. She is a crowd favorite and the most popular pet in the cul-de-sac. Needless to say I am being nostalgic because more than anything I wish that I could take her for a walk, lounge poolside, and show her some love. So to the dog with a thousand nicknames (Magnadoodle, Magpie, Miss Maggie, Magan, Moose), I love you and you’re the best dog!

Happy as can be

Resisting one of our favorite treats

Swimming with one of her best buddies

Current Obsessions - 2/3/09

I have decided that I want to start a weekly "obsession" post about what I'm currently digging. Let's face it, we all have the "look but don't touch" mentality right now so it's nice to see what's new out there. In a recent post I admitted that I have a shopping compulsion and I am here to tell you that it's a serious condition. To understand where I'm coming from you would have to go back a few generations to my Mother's Mom, my Nana. Nana is the most precious thing that you'll ever meet and the best shopping buddy that you could ever find. From day one, we have been two peas in a pod together. She has flashed her painted nails and blonde bob around for as long as I can remember and it will always be a picture of style. Some might know that I'm not one to shy away from a nautical stripe and Nana taught me that. Nana's love for shopping has trickled down through the generations and bore some pretty serious retail connoisseurs. It was passed onto my Mom and she then passed it on to me. So there we have it, my "medical history".

I wish I could say that there was a cure for this, or rather, that I want a cure for this. But the reality is, I don't. As long as I'm not hurting anyone, what's so wrong with looking? The truth is, I'm never dangerous about my wants and I find a lot of pride in the fact that an Old Navy steal can excite me as much as a luxury buy. So I'll be here week after week talking about what has blown my skirt up. Who knows, it might not even be an actual item - it could be a movie, a new cd, a pair of shoes, hair extensions, whatever. If I like it, I'll dish it.

Hey, if Oprah can do it...I can do it.

So I thought I'd shake things up this first time around and show you two things that I'm loving right now.

First up, this incredible hobo from J. Crew. My love for J.Crew is extremely loyal and I feel like bag just speaks to me. The messenger strap makes this both functional and trendy. And that pale gold? Fuggedaboutit. I never shy away from metallic but the tawny brown is nice too. A girl can dream, right?

My second item is The Fray's self-titled album in stores today. I happen to love The Fray and will openly admit that their unchanging sound is music to my possibly tone deaf ears. I pre-ordered this cd and fully intend to wear it out. In fact, I'm listening to it right now.

Peace & Obsessing Love,


Monday, February 2, 2009

The Bachelor Recap

It's the final countdown in the land of women for Jason the bachelor. Left with Stephanie, Melissa, Naomi, Molly and Jillian, Jason took the ladies to his hometown of Seattle. Not only was Jason returning to his place of residence, but he was also returning to his son Ty. The tearful reunion between these two has proved that they really do share a sweet bond. Father-son relations aside, it's time to get catty. Let's review the episode.

Melissa got the first one-on-one date this week. Jason had planned to take Melissa to a nice dinner followed by a helicopter ride around the city, but then he realized that Ty wanted nothing of it. As Jason started to get ready for the evening he felt that it was probably best for him to stay home. He called Melissa and told her that they would be spending a relaxing night at home instead. She seemed ok with new date and elected to spend the rest of the evening cuddling with Jason in her "stretchy pants."

The next date was a day in the city with Molly, Stephanie and Jillian. They took a boat cruise around the harbor and drank the night away. Poor Stephanie thought that it'd be a good idea to pack her white fur vest with the hope of a date to Aspen. When that dream shattered (thanks recession), she figured she'd bust it out in his hometown. Girlfriend had it going on. We kind of cracked up that Jason was petting her vest while she was "steering" the ship. Not to mention, that goofy captain was next to them the whole time! There is no telling what was running through his mind in that moment, probably something along the lines of, "how did I get here?" Anyway, the date moved on to the radio station where Jason was grilled by the local "talent" about love, life, and kissing the bachelorettes. True to form, Jason kissed and told, ranked their kissing ability and correctly matched their levels of affection.

Lastly, there was the one-on-one date with Naomi. Jason took Naomi on what we think was the plane ride that he had originally scheduled for Melissa. And really, who can blame him? Afterall, he did put all of that effort in planning it! Right.

Moving on.

Naomi was just busting at the seam with all of the fun that they were having and Jason was just kind of lackluster. In my opinion, Jason just looked tired and off his game. Sure they spooned in a completely public place, but that doesn't mean anything anymore. Or maybe it was his stunning realization that he, in fact, has no feelings for Naomi. Whatever the reason, we weren't buying it.

In case you missed it, here's this week's recap:

Jillian - Jason questioned Jillian's feelings this week and felt satisfied with her responses. We found it interesting that she tried to cry twice and fell short...twice. Status: rose.

Stephanie - In the most tearful rose ceremony yet, Jason decided to end the journey for Stephanie. She handled it like a champ and looked really pretty in her referee outfit, I mean dress. :) Status: no rose.

Naomi - Well we know where this is going. Also, please note that her proportions were all wrong during the rose cermony: pencil skirt, kitten heels, bubble shirt - oy! Status: rose.

Melissa - True to form, Melissa got sappy on us this week. We think that her cookie is starting to crumble and we don't like it one bit. Next week will be interesting. Status: rose.

Molly - Molly has proved to be the sleeper this season and we're starting to come around. Jason is very much into her and it bodes well that her family is willing to meet him. Status: rose.

Honestly, this week was the first time all season that the 2 hour episode seemed to really drag on. Even with TiVo, we felt like it was soaking up our entire night. In the end, Jason was extremely heartfelt in his goodbye to Stephenie and he did exactly what we thought he'd do (cry), but more importantly, he let her go with the grace that she had shown all season. We think that she'll do just fine with all of this newfound exposure. As for the final four, there is still work to be done and we feel that the hometown dates will decide their fate. As for me, I can hardly wait to see Naomi's family bury the dead dove...see you then!

Eighties Beats & Super Bowl Meats

I had a great weekend and I hope that y'all did too! Friday night was relatively low-key in the digs of 2D. I made a homemade dinner (read: peanut butter and jelly sand which) after the devastating discovery of my potato having sprouts, thus forgoing my original plan of a warm baked potato.

I know, riveting.

After a failed attempt to cozy up and watch Tropic Thunder with Alyssa, I moved my party into our room and finished Happy Gilmore. They seriously don't make them like they used to. It was a perfect example of how simple humor wins every time. Anyway, I fell asleep at the bustling hour of 10:30 and knew that Saturday had to have more promise. Sure enough, I shot up at 8am and had nothing to do. So I did what every out-of-shape New Yorker does in 18° weather, I went jogging. If it appears that Hell has frozen over, I can assure you, it hasn't. However, Central Park has seemed to. I bundled up in a ragtag outfit of layered assortments and set out. My eyes were watering, my nose was running, and my body was just not moving together...I looked ridiculous. I literally made myself stay active for 45 minutes and then fled the scene. My roomies were still sleeping soundly, so I decided to run a few errands and catch a morning movie that no one else wanted to see. In case you were wondering, New In Town is just okay.

I got home in time to spruce up our place for the party that was taking place in our apartment later that evening. Kate's book club was having their kick-off meeting with a fiesta followed by a night of 80's cover music at the Canal Room. Thanks to the fabulous culinary skills of Ms. Kristin Whitley, our fiesta came complete with wonderful homemade margs and Mexican burritos. We ended the night in 2D with a private fashion show, featuring the likes of a green unitard and an afro wig. Don't think that she didn't wear it out...

Several cab rides later, we ended up at our destination for some serious 80's classics. Several of us made a beeline for the front and got the dance party started. Seriously, how can you not dance to "Take Me Home Tonight"? You can't, I promise. We held our own through several Michael Jackson classics and then called it a night. To be honest, the whole scene was a little reminiscent of Wednesday nights at the Tap spent jamming out to the Spazmatics - oh college life, how I miss thee. And in case you're wondering how to get a room full of coed 20-somethings to dance, throw on some vintage Whitney Houston and you'll see magic happen. For the record, grown men singing "yeaaaah I wanna dance with somebody" never gets old.

The weekend culminated with a Super Bowl party at Micah's apartment. The girls of 2D did not feel entitled enough to throw a football-themed bash since we had not watched a single professional football game all year, so we made the guys do it. You know that dudes are in charge when the menu is as follows: meaty pizza, wings, beer, various chips, and "7-layer" dip (which they happened to mix together). I'm serious, not a single dessert in sight. I couldn't help but wonder what the menu would have looked like had we thrown the party. The poor guys would have had diet coke, chocolate chip cookies and brownies. Due to the dessert-sized void, I decided that my contribution would be a baked good. More than anything, I wanted my addition to be the most popular dish. Who says I'm not competitive? I made brownies (not too done) with mint-flavored icing, think over sized Thin Mint cookie. While they weren't the "it" item (thanks Alyssa), I must say that they were a hit. However, now that I know what it takes to be on top, you can bet that I will show up next year with steak in hand because I will NOT be outdone:)

The company was wonderful, and more importantly, we were able to tackle the real issues of game day: Kurt Warner has aged well, Xuan will invest in a gold toilet someday, Bruce Springstein almost chipped the Penguin's tooth with his guitar swing, Ray Tidwell was the best Cardinals player and monster.com had the best commercial.

So with a heavy heart I say goodbye to the weekend and hello work week...here's to hoping that a new episode of Gossip Girl can waive my Monday blues.